Wolf & The Night
Ulver Lyrics

Hafvde Ki¦rlighed l¦nkelagt
Dend ut¦mmede Mackt?

Han glemmer det han legger dèd
Ingen Minder stiiger fra Graven brat
Ingen Anger gliider giennem Si¦lens Nat

Med Ydmyghedens Taarer smigrede hun
Dend Guddom som hun hadete medens hun frycktede
Hendes V¦sen, lig et Lam
Gik ham ey forbi
For hun hafde rèrt ved ham
Ëœfved sin Magi

Uagtet disse Si¦le tvende
Een hafvde at ende

Nye Smerte klinger frem aff gammel Klage
Tragoedie aff uaffbrudne Dage

Ukuelig, dend Tèrst
Hinsidigt, det Begi¦r

Nu drev han yr &map gal
I sorthi¦rtet Kval

Vintrens kulde
Snart tilfulde
- oc hans L¦ngsel
Mod een Vinternat
Ulven vandrer eene

Had Love fetter'd this force of free?

What he leaves dead, he forgets
No memories arise from the grave,
No anger glides through the night of Soules

With humble tears she flatter'd
The Divinitie shes hated and fear'd

Her lamb-like nature
Left him not untouch'd
By Magick she was bound
To the Beast within him

These Soules twain
Enforced one's end

Payne anew from woe of olde
A Tragedie of endless dayes

Insatiable, the thirst
Inconceivable, the lust

Wild & mad he hunts
In anguish black at heart

The winter's colde
Soone fulfill'd
- And his yearning
Towards a winter's night

Wandering alone,
The Wolf

Contributed by Brayden H. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


Perfect piece of BM. I love this track!!!


@MrEggyBread I know but i wanted to use more than 1 picture in the video.

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