50 Years
Uncanny X-Men Lyrics

its nearly time we were leaving
we'll have one more for the road

it dont mean nothin x2

so we gather 'round the table
raise our champagne in the air

it dont mean nothin x2
cause weve got, this night together
well have hear and now forever
dont tell me now...
you can write me a letter

where will we be in 50 years (in 50 years)

so while we're still together
there aint no need to cry

it dont mean nothin x2


like to say, say to you
like to say, say its true (yeah yeah yeahay)
and theres no one i would rather than you (oh no no),

lets talk about it, some day
when we're old

it dont mean nothin x2

chorus x2

where will we be in 50 years X4

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Comments from YouTube:

Glenn Jelich

High school formal 1985......brings back memories, I remember us all singing along to this on the dancefloor. Where will we be in 50 years seemed an eternity back then. Now it's just around the corner.

Kim Werner

Hearing ya..It wont be long๐Ÿคฅ

Maria Malouf

Yep it is just around the corner ๐Ÿฅบwhere did all those great years go! Such great memories ! If only we could turn back time hey ๐Ÿ˜Œ

Rod C

Can't say I was ever an Uncanny x-men fan, but I remember I was blindsided by this songs haunting nature back then and it can still send chills up the spine today.
The clip is a masterpiece and the music is an underrated Australian classic. 2035 will be here before we know it and this song will have the day in the sun it always deserved.


This was my high school graduation song back in '88. Timeless and haunting.

Nadine Steinbruckner

This song makes you stop and think on how true that these lyrics will never age WHAT A GREAT SONG!!!!!

Georgia DN

Oh, take me back to the 80โ€™s!! Time of my life.......โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ


An absolute classic that as someone said below, has stood the test of time and could do with being re-released. The whole production was spot on and while the vocals are awesome (all of them, lead and backgrounds) the thing that has stuck hard in my mind is the guitar lead breaks... beautifully done. I wonder how old , or young they all were when this was recorded?

Logitek 777

Loving the tunes and the memories

Andrew Wilson

this is the 5th time tonight Ive played this song, I just lost my cousin and my soul is hurting. I came here, this song means alot to me thank you xoxoxoxoxo

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