Darkest Hour
Undercover Lyrics

Hanging by a thread
And out of control
Could things be worse if I were dead
There's people here but I'm so alone

My head will crack if something doesn't break
Tried so hard and now I wonder
Why I have no power
In my darkest hour
I need to see you there

When I lay me down to sleep
Is there a soul for you to keep
I fall down to my knees
And all I know is Jesus please!

Anguish and despair
Surround me like a flood
And I know you once were there
Crying out, sweating tears that turned to blood

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Comments from YouTube:

Johnny Sako

This song and album mean a lot to me.

Claire Sparkle



I love this song! man its been years, this band was so honest and straight to the heart


Yes... all I can say is wow!  They were awesome live.  Great song.  

Hans S

This is one of my favorites!

This song (and the whole album) was a great comfort during the beginning of my conversion in the '80s.
(born again birthday: January 15, 1984)
I saw them perform live as the opening act on the Dutch (Christian) Flevo Festival, 1985.
Joey was impressive when all of a SUDDEN he fell on his knees behind his keyboard and began to PRAY, and the whole band joined in.

Before this happened I prayed to God and said: 'Lord, if this is according to your will, then BLESS them, but if it's not, then let them drop DEAD',  because at that time I thought this kind of music was SATANIC, even though I used to be a rocker myself, but I had thrown away all of my rock music, after my conversion.

As soon as I had finished praying they fell on their knees (or bowed their heads) and started to pray.

After this, I became a HUGE fan, and after their concert, I talked to Gym, and the others where also taking to people in the audience.

Greetings from Hans, just 55, since January 11.

Jake Ere

Christian Dark-wave i can see. ooh

Claire Sparkle

sounds like the dammed

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