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We Are Not the Same
Unmade Beds (a.k.a. London Nights) Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'We Are Not the Same' by these artists:

Cimarons Look at me, can't you see my father? You can't mistake…
Good Shoes I, suffer you so easily We, disagree I, I think it's good…
The Cimarons Look at me, can't you see my father? You can't mistake…
Young Roc Dont try to play me yeah Tryna be shady yeah Real niggas…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Unmade Beds (a.k.a. London Nights):

Hello A roll of the dice A slip of the tongue I was…
I'm Fine Cracked this morning worst and weak Tears roll down from ins…
Underground Pushin' rhymes underground like moonshine With jump like ju…

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Comments from YouTube:

croissant p

so nostalgic... takes me back to when british indie rock was amazing

Jay F

Very nostalgic. Where's the good stuff now?

p-rin rattanapong

same me nostalgic indie my space

Booker Dewitt

damn right, plus love you profile pic, one of my favourite films/books.

Booker Dewitt

Seems like forever ago since this album came out, back when indie rock was good, now in my opinion it doesn't even exist.

Matty Mouse

It doesn't exist. That's how indie it is.

Booker Dewitt

Lol they were around when I still listened to indie and they wernt indie then, so i doubt know how they wouldve become indie.

julie olivares

What about cage the elephant?


Unmade beds OST still rlz in 2017!

Thomas Hughes

A girl I really like brought me here. She's hawt <3

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