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Sad Truth Freestyle
by UnoTheActivist

Niggas fu, money Is the difference between me and you
I don't know what did I see in you
Turn yo back on me I can't believe you
Now I'm thinkin I should leave you
Wouldn't wanna be or see you
Bitch I been a boss since pre-school
Why the fuck you think I need you
I won't trust these niggas no more
I remember when I used to feed you
My enemy, was your enemy too
Damn where the fuck the tunnel lead to?
First I turned 16 then I went and bought a gun
My podna called for green
Now he out here on the run
And I'm still finessing lean charging 50 for the tuss
All these girls ask, where the drugs
Where the drugs
You can see my drugs yea
Look at us , I can't trust ya
Thought you was my blood, not my blood
Feelin' like you up and I'm stuck
Partially the reason why I'm so stuck up
I guess it is just tough love
I remember when the road wasn't roughed up
Remember when my partner chose on me
Thought you was my partner, damn how could you fold on me
All this upon my neck I think my neck swollen
You would think he had some ice the way that nigga froze up
And I swear these niggas want a settlement
I can't have no hoes up in my regiment
Pistol pop it leave that nigga with no ligaments
I just came back think I'm goin to hell again
And I'm swiping if you leave yo nose up
I just popped a perc now I'm floating
Police disappear like hocus pocus
Bitch I just had kicked you out here's your notice
All these nigga actin' like they been ya friend
Midget man, Imma be the bigger man
Bitches no I'm cooler than the ceiling fan
Said she like her Molly with a little tan
She like uno gone and hit yo dance
I don't hit no dance I just hit for bands
I remember niggas want to call you friend
How you niggas bittin' on a feeding hand
Want to know what I've been doing lately
Man I'm starting to think that you hate me
Nigga running up bullets screaming mayday
You can Feel it in your spine and your Achilles
I don't know why these lil niggas go betray me
You don't entered a word you can not escape
Gotta keep my grass cut niggas snake
Niggas Fu
Niggas Fu

Writer(s): TIMOTHY JONES, Troy Lane

Contributed by Mateo V. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


Carti left his blood cousin in the underground and never looked back. Uno deserves to be where Carti is at and nobody can tell me different.

baluga senpai

lol relax buddy you may be right but uno don’t got the songs carti got

Lil_canada Reactsss

HLLVN he sold his soul


HLLVN Carti has a history of doin snake shit like that what else can you expect from a snake

Griffin Athens

This song bout carti

TkM x2

AR Overanalysis facts bro

AR Overanalysis

@SuprxmeNxte all carti fans are fake and for his music only, hes a horrible person at heart I bet. Dude let his cousin get shot and hung out with the man who pulled the trigger


@Arian Durovic Yeah

Arian Durovic

Playboi carti??


@Dawnofasad you a fake carti fan

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