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by Unsilence

It is the night that calms us,
slowing the blood inside
turning flesh to stone.

Outside the sky is falling.
Flooding the rivers with snow.
Some chilling tales have told.

An apathetic mind,
Has lost the will to control
Another love dies
For she had too much to give

Kind words will not be spoken
Cries will never be heard
And endless pain was foretold

Passing through the shadows
Driven into the soul

And as winter brings its
days to an end,
we are still within our sleep.
As freezing winds begin to calm,
shelter is where we remain.
And for the loveless
who turn their back on life,
it is for those we celebrate.
And although existence is a dream,
will we live when we awake

Passing through the shadows
Driven into the soul
Until our years are old.

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