Black River
Unsilent Lyrics

This river moving me away
And i can't find something that I can snatch

I know it's not a time to pay
I know that is a chance to fly
Please take me far away
Somewhere were I can lose my pain
Until I lost my mind

We hold so many things so long
Dead weights draw us to our graves

I know it's not a time to fall
I know that is a chance for brave
Please take me far away
Somewhere were I can lose my pain
Somewhere were it will stop

Listen to the time
With every move of tiny hand
A little part of life turns into the sand

Black water now you are my judge
I want to hear my doom today

I know I lose my chance to fly
I know I take my chance for pain
I know it's not my grave
It's time to pay and i will pay
The debts until I can

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Comments from YouTube:

Hin Weg

Pls do Storming through red clouds and holocaustwinds....that beginning is just oustanding


You can take a look at my guitar cover of it.


Only Demonaz can...and probably not even him anymore...

Donna Moffitt

Sounds more evil on the album than it does live and black metal should never sound happy


Please more immortal ,my favourite, you know... Also not many play pure holocaust or blizzard beasts. That album is speed

Black Metal Raider

Just got to this one. Wow what a workout😊
Great lesson. Thx so much Simon


You nailed it fella 👍🏻


Should try some stuff from 'I' Between Two Worlds.

szulbert ONe

I am telling everyone you learned me everything. Thanks mate.

Reni McDonald Hill

The album was recorded in E standard but the master recordings were sped up as the band thought the songs felt too slow, this is also why Abbaths vocals sound alot higher in pitch. If you want a true sense of how the album actually sounded before it was sped up load it into a daw like Cubase or Protools and pitch shift it back down to E 🙂

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