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Best Night Ever: Tuesday February 17th 2009
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I'm 43 now and this was the best time to be alive.Period✌


I’m 54 and totally agree with ya. All through the 80s and except for a bunch of great bands (Replacements, Janes addiction etc ) music sucked. Grunge was what I was waiting for in the 80s. How I wish it was 1989, the first time I heard Mother Lovebone.


Yes. Still Rock flannel myself.

Elena Evenflow





Dee Snider has my respect for being able to look past the fact that all these grunge bands hated his music and image.

Goat Fucker

These shows always "showcase" the least funny "comedians" out there... Cringe! Jerry making fun of Kurt's playing was pretty funny though...

Rae Lewis

I'm 42, I was a teenager in the late 80s early 90s. The music was fantastic in the early 90s, there were some really great bands and singers around back then. I really miss those days ! I still wear Dr martins, one difference is the price they are a lot more expensive now !!!


Trey Parker’s impression @ 1:55 had me laughing in tears

Lolly Fox

M C he is so right though :) I love Pearl Jam, but my first thoughts about Eddie Vedder were exactly like his XD

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