VNV Nation Lyrics

I asked myself was I content with the world that I was cherished
did it bring me to this darkened place to contemplate my perfect future
I will not stand nore utter words against this tide of hate
losing sight of what and who i was again
I'm so sorry if these seething sords I say
impress on you that I've become the anathema of my soul

I can't say that you're losing me
I always tried to keep myself tied to this world
though I know where this is leading
(please) no tears, no sympathy
I can't say that you're losing me
but I must be that which I am
though I know where this could take me
no tears, no sympathy

gracefully, respectfully, facing conflict deep inside myself
here confined, losing control of what I could not change
gracefully, respectfully I ask you please don't worry, not for me
don't turn your back, Don't turn away

no tears for me
no sympathy


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It's kind of funny and ironic: I've been listening to VNV nation for the last year, and found out that my Dad has been listening to them for the last eight years or so. I asked if he'd heard of them, to which he laughed in my face, and showed me their entire CD collection, as well as their concert DVD.

Xavier Vazquez

It's been more than 10 years....and this song still gives me goosebumps.


You and me both. I used to dance to this tune back in the day, it brings a tear when i hear it, but a tear for the good memories.

Melanie Cooper

@Lord Chanka good memories, me and my pals used to dance to this at the club on goth/industrial night..... fun times

Melanie Cooper


Go Sia



2019 and it does

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Kelvina Casillas

My oldest daughter rocks out to this song. Makes me proud because I played this song religiously while I was pregnant with her.


Mix of Electro-Industrial and Futurepop. Look up Covenant, Neuroticfish, and Assemblage 23.

Dalles the Destroyer of Humanity

Nice for Assemblage 23, Disapoint remix Funger Vogt, naked, I love :)

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