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I Had a Dream
by Vader

I had a dream
And I was travelling far among the stars
Worlds behind the gate
Where the night is a shield against the light

I had a dream
Land inhabited by the creatures
Killing, destroying, enslaving themselves

I clad my wings
I descended with fire and death
Bringing them fear and pain
Turning their land into my domain

I came spreading disease
I was detaching their flesh from their bones
I killed those who demur
And I was eating their young

I was building thrones and the cities full of filth and disgrace
I designated, precipitated and punished by taking the mind
With the head

I had a dream
Temples, priests, sacrifice
Blood and fire is all what they trust
I gave them the knowledge
Seal by the light of the stars above

Now fever is over
Pain in my eyes
But I remember that night
As I was the God

Contributed by Eli N. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


The drummer is godlike...

Zachary Sheets

I see Galactic Empire uploaded a new song

Cessatio Lux

Imagine the mash pit


My gratitude to you Sir, for posting this whole album. So dark and brutal, can't get any better than this. HAIL VADER!

Samuel Castro

Excelente banda. Zipaquirá

Brevyan Singollo

The force is strong with this one.

Norbert Janz

Sounds like Star Wars

Lord Severin

Finally... The Vader Song that sounds like the Darth Vader - theme... :)

Mouad Moustaid

Yes, true! The empire is proud! Anakin is happy!

Pablo Nino Nathanael Stoop

Creepy song.

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