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Valdy Lyrics

I am not a free man
But neither am I chained
I am not a wise man
But neither am I rearranged
I am not a new man
But neither am I old
I am not a rich man
But neither can i be seold

I am one
You are another
I have a family
You have mother

And I am not a good man
But neither am I cruel
I am not a learned man
But neither am I a fool
I am not an ordinary man
But neither am I strange
I am not your man
But that can all be changed

No, I am not your man
But that can all be changed

Contributed by Joseph B. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Marsha Wilson

One of my all time favourite songs! Valdy, you are the BEST!

Gerry Yee

Absolutely timeless Music that puts me in a great mood even after these years. Thanks Valdy.

Eamonn Morris

A super talented musician (listen to that guitar) not to mention a good 'raconteur'. A friend once commented that his voice "always sounds like he just took it out of the wrapper". I could not have said it better.

terry anderson

beautiful man beautiful character beautiful song  I could listen to Valdy all evening... I love the fluent guitar work.


Thanks Valdy. Been a fan for going on 45 years and will continue to be a fan. Peace.

Mr. Les

When I was a child and would visit my father at his house he had no TV in the living room and would play only a few of his albums while we were all working around the house. "Family Gathering" was one of them. I later bought a few Valdy albums of my own and saw him twice in the early 1980's. My two favourite Valdy songs are 'Renaissance' and one called 'Movie Scene', which was a b cut and not a radio hit. I just bought the Classic Collection CD and am listening to 'Hometwon Band' as I write this.

Todd Trojek

One great thing about youtube are the numerous videos of Canadians we have in this great country. Also it reminds us folks of some talented people like Valdy I have myself forgotten the last few years. But! Valdy how could I forget him? Oh well! Cheers to Valdy!

rob sinclaire

Wonderful to hear, thank you!

Ross Taylor

I’ve been a fan most of my life, thanks Valdy,

John Clark

Could listen to Valdy all day .

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