Valhalore Lyrics

Nightfall embraces the day
Enshrouding the world in her ebony cloak
As I make my way home through the silence and snow
My mind starts to journey beyond

I dream of a land before time
All the riches of nature in symphony
And I cherish them all with a grateful man's heart
For no longer alone do I dwell
From solitary slumber I wake
With a vision of heaven asleep by my side
As the sand grains of time slip away into memory
Awaken desires most deep

I never knew my life could be
So indescribable with colour and fantasy
And I wanted to be what you wanted of me
When I took my place in the stars

Greet the morning with me
What shall it be? Enraptured by dreams?
Tell me, teach me to fly
My soul can be free

Contributed by Jonathan F. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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For Recreational Use Only

Perfect! My only complaint in that it's "only" an EP. When can we expect the next full length album?

Jesiah Asa

@Mordechai August yea, I've been watching on flixzone for since november myself :)

Mordechai August

pro trick : you can watch series on Flixzone. I've been using it for watching all kinds of movies these days.


Having to leave Australia left me shattered but having met you guys at your first gigs in Sydney will always remain one of my forever best memories. I'm sure your ascend is only starting, and your sometimes pure and other times epic music will eventually end up touching people from all around the world, no matter the frontiers. Keep on being so unique and such good people and you'll gather a whole great army someday I'm sure. Stay badass and as inspirational as ever. 🤘🌊⚡️

Florian Färber

I see a lot of bands coping Eluveitie. You don't. You do your own music and compose with emotions in a perfect way. They all should look up to you! Keep it going and much love from germany! :)


I haven't seen anyone trying to copy Eluveitie lately, can you give me some names so I can check them out?


Thank you my friend!

Garry Cheney

Brilliant song, could hear this as a movie soundtrack!

Justin Flood

Been waiting for fifteen years for someone to do something new and interesting in the Power/Folk Metal arena. Glad you guys finally got here! This is KILLING it. Awesome.

Ashy J

This is so beautiful. And your voice, is the evidence there are gods.
Oh, I'm melting into my seat listening.

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