Legacy in Blood
Vampiria Lyrics

Strangest thoughts round in my head,
like ancient views in red,
a call coming through centuries,
like a legacy in my blood.
there's something growing into me,
cannot control it much more time,
i feel it round into my veins and begins to awake.
The anxiety controls me... and your neck, so white,
there's not too much to lose,
come on, let me taste your blood.
Aeternum vitae,
hereditare in sanguinis,
maledical dominus (but).
I can feel the ancestral thirst,
now my eyes see through the dark,
we're gonna live in the eternal night.
We're gonna walk together,
for all eternity wandering in the shadows,
spreading the fear.
Night will be ours.
To hunt and drink,
to hunt and drink forever,
the essence of life.

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Comments from YouTube:


Orgullo de sudamerica. Que disco tan bueno.

Mauricio Bulgarelli

Essa musica me leva a outro estado mental, meu subconsciente me coloca em estado hipnótico.


rulesss... arte sudamericano, gracias vampiria por este legado .... impresionante \…/

Fernanda Peralta

We need more bands like this in Argentina nowadays

Daniel Cuello

ahora el violero y el betero tiene una banda nueva von leufel el mes q bien sale el disco nuevo buscalo por el face,saludos


unos tremendos señores de la oscuridad,o no?... encantadores. seductores. melodiosos. sanguinarios... vampiros ...de raza.

Carrie Bencardino

Buena onda. Por fin después de tanto tiempo, una banda argentina digna de orgullo =)

jisung babe

Weón, que temazooo


La joya sudamericana sin duda!!!!!


Wow good band! Love this music! Feel kinda...awkward being the only person to comment thus far in English ...

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