Venom of God
Vampiria Lyrics

I walk, for awake in a land of resignation, I burn the cross in the temple of redemption.
For take far away the lie... for loose in my tears the pain for ever!
I take, the crown in a kingdom of desolation empire, of time mirror of desecration.
For burn in my eyes your lies, for kill with my deadly hands your power!
I see the face without eyes of the life.
I feel his cold in my spine.
I see my god disappear in the night, but I feel his venom in my path... but!
I walk, for awake...

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Comments from YouTube:


No entiendo tu comentario...


I'm discovering Vampiria, and with "unholy war" this song ROCKS^^...... Damn, the woman has a such beautifull voice!


they're good....first song i heard by them...i might like them...reminds me of cradle of filth a bit.....

andrea herrera

q copapdo este tema se pasa

baby bebé

¿Cómo esto no tiene cientos de miles de reproducciones?

Geovany Maligno

Excelente canción

Titus Weekes

yes, Cradle of Filth.

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