Multiply Divide
Vanity Theft Lyrics

Keep up, keep up
Keep up, keep up

Time is money and it is costing
You a fortune to conceive
Of this notion properly

Push all the air out of your lungs
A year is a lifetime
When you're young

And clearly lifetimes will be spent
Wondering where our time went

Is this really my prime?
Multiply, divide
Round it up, round it up
They say that numbers don't lie

Thank God I'm not a number
To this I will attest
'Cause if I couldn't lie
I'll hurt you with the truth like all the rest

So don't go out of your mind
Ship-shape, Duct tape,
Everything will be fine
Don't go out of your mind
I need you here
So give me, give me some time

Unfold the maps up in my head
To all the islands we haven't found yet
Make up for my unsteadiness
You take the wheel, I'll get the mast

Is this really my prime?
Mundane or divine
When you're how I solve for "X"
My calculations do align.


Is this really my prime?
Multiply divide
Mundane or divine

Is this really my prime?
Give me, give me some time.

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