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Alone I can't stand the spotlight Of those diamonds that you cry F…
Breaking Away I′m breaking away (Breaking away) I, I'm breaking away (Brea…
Count What You Have Now One, two, three and four Count what you have now Don't count…
Dancing Everywhere I go Life′s a fantasy But you can't take me down…

I Found You I don't get it It's feeling natural with you by my…
Like I Like It I like that feeling The way you hug me The way you…

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"you hear footsteps."

"You see Tommy anguliar."
"Safe mode enabled!(press ! to turn it off, ' to ignore the monster or ~ to whitelist the monster.) x28"
"the zombie grabs you!"
"you got hit by a zombie! x82"
"your torso breaks!"
"Lost the conduct (structural integrity)"
most sane gameplay of cataclysm Dark days ahead


For those that want to play this, the chords are:

(Gm7 - Dm9 - Gm7 - Dm9 - Am7) 2X
(Gm7 - Dm9 - Gm7 - A#maj7) 2X
(Gm7 - Dm9 - Gm7 - Fmaj9 - D#maj9)

Repeat the following 5X :
(Gm7 - Am7 - A#add2 - Gm7/C - Dm)
(Dm - G - Dm - G - Dm - G - Dm) 3X

(Gm7 - Am7 - A#add2 - (fades out then back in to) - Gm7/C)
(Gm7 - Dm9 - Gm7 - A#maj7) 4X
(Gm7 - Dm9 - Gm7 - Dm9 - Am7) 3X

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pa pa pa pada

daba daba da
pa paaa
pa pa pa pada


deee -duuuu-deeeee-duuuu-daaaa (repeat 4x)

pa pa pa pada

shabadabad ha-ha
pa pa pa pada

pa pa pa pada

shabadabad ha-ha
pa pa pa pada

pa pa pa pada

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This song makes me feel like am the captain of an 80s spaceship crew.




Combat Nico Like Capitano Harlock? (It ran from 1977 to 1979 in Italy, you know, when everything was much more funky.)


I feel like some Cowboy Bebop shit is happening right now


Would you say it would be a Fantastic Voyage?


Like Daft Punk's movie, Interstella 5555

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dancing turnips made me rediscover this gem.


finally someone gets it


That turnip got moves, i ain't stressin tho he's just vibing


Gabriele V. Wait...You’re not talking about ah He’s sick right!?-

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