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야간업체 비틀즈 강남 이남에선 가장 실력이 뛰어난 밴드

이름도 마침 우리 나이트와 똑같은 밴드 와이키키 브라더스

Overall Meaning

The lyrics of the song "Intro" by Various Artists mention a band called "와이키키 브라더스" which means "WIKI Brothers" in English. The lyrics describe them as a band with exceptional talent based in Gangnam, the district known for its affluent and trendy culture in South Korea. The band's name is also mentioned to be identical to the name of the singer's own "Night" which may indicate some sort of personal or emotional connection to the band. Overall, the lyrics suggest a deep admiration for the band's musical abilities and the possibility of some level of kinship or camaraderie between them.

Line by Line Meaning

야간업체 비틀즈 강남 이남에선 가장 실력이 뛰어난 밴드
In the southern part of Gangnam, a night company, there is a band with exceptional skills that even rivals the Beatles.

이름도 마침 우리 나이트와 똑같은 밴드 와이키키 브라더스
Coincidentally, this band is named Wikikey Brothers, which is similar to our band, Knight Brothers.

Writer(s): Darren Lighty, Nuno Manuel Dias Carneiro, Alain Schneider, Kelvin Mercer, David Jolicoeur, Daquan Youngblood, Darin Keith Pappas, Jamil Debardlabon, Vincent Mason, Keir Gist Copyright: Sharay'S Music, Songs Of Razor And Tie O.B.O. Fully Focus, Divine Mill Music, Universal Music Publishing, S.p.a.(Sociedade Portuguesa De Autores), Word 2 Weef, Tee Girl Daisy Age, Razor & Tie Direct LLC Dba Songs Of Razor And Tie, Warner-tamerlane Publishing Corp., WB Music Corp.

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