Rock of My Salvation
Various Artists Lyrics

Jesus You died upon the cross, And rose again to save the lost.
Forgive me now of all my sins, Come be my Savior, Lord, & Friend

Change my life and make it new, & help me Lord to live for You.
Change my life and make it new, & help me Lord to live for You.

(Repeat 1st stanza)
Change my life and make it new, Help me Lord to live for You.
Change my life and make it new, (want you make it new)
And help me Lord to live To live for You.T

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Comments from YouTube:

Marlon Thomas

Maranatha! Music was the first gospel music that I started listening to after I was saved in '86. So grateful for their ministry. M

Nina Sky

I believe in YOU, Yeshua/Jesus Messiah!!!

Jessie Escobar

As i am too. I am Jewish as well. I teach my children as well Amen come Lrd Messiah

Rahul Gill

Be perfect and sin not, the only way is through the spirit of Christ, who he has given to those who worship him.

Boski the second

You cannot strive for perfection but his grace and mercy we are saved

Ebenezer Addo

This song is wonderful, i pray anyone who hear this song. will commit himself closer God



Nicole Proteimus

there were no beer commercial on my end, l study programming, usually settings are the way that whatever interests the user that type of commercial pops up. Where is our treasure , there will be our heart! Shalom

Jessie Escobar

Cuz we live in last days and devil is on war path and he tries to attack every thing he can. But take heart my friend. God is stronger, God wins in the end. Just enjoy the songs forget about the rotten devil his days are numbered. We are soon to go up. 😊

Gary H

A very present help in time of need...I am a needy person!

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