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Don't Know What To Do
Various Composers Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Don't Know What To Do' by these artists:

Arbes see it there count your dollars trace the fingers you always…
BLACKPINK 잠깐 누가 시간을 좀 멈춰봐 뭔가 크게 어긋난 걸 난 느껴…
Ce Ce Peniston CHORUS: I don't know what to do Cause I'm still so into…
CeCe Peniston CHORUS: I don't know what to do Cause I'm still so into…
Jimmy Somerville Find it hard to sleep tonight, Miss your body next to…
Lisa Shaw I have loved you only in my mind But I know…
Mark Carpio I have loved you only in my mind But I know…
Rachel Alejandro I have loved you only in my mind But I know…
Ric Segreto I have loved you only in my mind But I…
Richard Yap I have loved you only in my mind But I know…
Satanic Surfers I can't believe What I see with my own eyes is…
Tikos Groove feat. Gosha (I can probably say) (I can probably say) (I can probably sa…
Tikos Groove Ft Gosha (I can probably say) (I can probably say) (I can probably …

We have lyrics for these tracks by Various Composers:

411 Tell me your fable A fable Tell me your fable Tell me your…

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Tomás Iorio

Great list! Let me add a few of my favourites:
-Rameau's "Gavotte and variations" and "La Forqueray" (the second one is all about playing with a very simple motif)
-Godowsky's arrangements of Rameau's pieces in "Rennaisance".
-Borodin's 2nd String Quartet, 3rd Movement (Notturno)
-Buxtehude's Ciaconna's, in particular BuxWV161 (in particular the passage from minor to the relative major and then back, so simple yet so strong). Hint: Ton Koopman is one of the best organists for this author.
-Bach's Prelude and Fuge in C minor (which is based on Buxtehude's piece)
-Bach's Sleepers Wake (Cantata BWV140 "Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme", 2nd chorale) and Sheep May Safely Grace (Cantata BWV208 "Was mir behagt, ist nur die muntre Jagd!", 2nd soprano aria), specially for the major to minor variation.
-Bach's Chorale BWV 368 "In Dulci Jubilo"
-Ravel's Menuet sur le nom d'Haydn (for harmonic variation)
-Ravel's Pavanne pour une infante difunte, in particular the piano and viola arrangement, in which one of the main motif is played with harmonics.
-Frank's Prélude, Fugue et Variation for organ, or Bauer's piano transcription.
-Mussorgky's Pictures at an Exhibition (listen to the five Promenades, The Old Castle and the last movement)

-Schubert's 2nd Trio, 2nd movement (I guess it's pretty standard for trios and quartets to reuse material in different ways)
-Domenico Scarlatti's sonatas, specially the first ones (more than variation, it's more about reusing a main melody in the dominant key, something very common in solo keyboard baroque music [and classical music in general], but more pronounced and easily noticed in this author's style)
-Fugues. Any. A good one to start is Glenn Gould's "So you Want to Write a Fugue?"
-Sonatas. Most. A nice one is Mendelssohn's 3rd Organ sonata.

I'm aware that some of the variations in the above pieces are pretty standard for the styles they belong to, but I find their use of even the simpler kinds of variation to be moving.

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I'm under the slight impression that David might be a tad self conscious of his piano playing hahaha

Evan Stevens

@Flapjackpants who isn’t


@Thijmen Krijgsman dude yes 🤣


Well, you dont have infinite time to practice pieces for a youtube video...

Then again, alot of these were pretty easy 😂

Snow Leopard

Definitely not!

Thijmen Krijgsman

I am under the slight impression that at 10:12 David borrowed the first variaton of Bach‘s goldberg variations and just used the chords of amazing grace......😂

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"Variation form is predictable and boring."
Rachmaninoff has entered the chat

eddy ellwood

rzewski smiles in an american fashion :)

It's me Ashbeel

not when it comes to the goldburg variations by Bach

Will Statmen

Check out marc-Andre hamelin’s variations of the Paganini theme, it’s also one of the best variation works in my opinion! It has elements ranging from classical era to jazz and then some, oh, and prokofiev’s epic variation work, the 2nd movement of his 3rd piano concerto, pure brilliance in my opinion!

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