Polyester Meth Zeus
Velvet Acid Christ Lyrics

Rot in our scar break down the wretched worms, like crying children licking their wounds, heartless like disease ravaging the world around you, not committed to knowing the truth, rejected from the out stars of the outskirts of life, regret recall the fortitude of pain regurgitated insane, the last one laughs cries and calls out his name. cry conflict-ion inflict rejection of this denied of christ in vomit, this because belief is covet more than studies have ever shown, thus your deity cry running fierce the end of the big shot coming, know this year no desire could ever warrant this history of disease, a plague famine rejected consciousness the human race on its knees, flagging for the end of the world mission accomplished defined it, to know it reject it and love it the cross disease cross disease, love the faking ejected christ in vomit nothing recalls endless toil, breaking wounds i solve it calling arms denied a future stupidity, rules the day for all to see a simple form of display.

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