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lay down and fight
Veridical Fiction Lyrics

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Cicero Ferreira

Somos espiritos milenares.
Essa não é a primeira vez que estamos aqui.
Já vivemos muitas vidas com muitas pessoas diferentes da nossa atual família.
Voltamos em novos corpos carnais para continuar nossa jornada evolutiva na terra.
O aprendizado nunca termina.








J Mora

I feel like that's more her personality. She even said she comes off as a type A. She's very strong willed. And you can feel her genuine frustration with the people who refused to believe her. This is her saying, "I told you so."

She even says she is still undergoing psychological treatment. (It's hard to believe anyone would admit to this who was being dishonest.)

While I appreciate her (and many others who share they NDE stories), I do feel bad for how it affects them, and that many will not believe them no matter what.

If you have some evidence against NDEs, I would prefer you would share that, instead of just your opinion that they're acting.

I've watched for body language of those telling these stories, and I've seen none that seem to display signs of lying.

For example, you often see someone who is lying looking to the top left or right with their eyes. That's because they're constructing the story as they go.

Or, you would see them give a close to flawless performance (rather than interconnected thoughts).

Yes, she seems a bit rehearsed, but that's because, in my opinions, and as she mentioned, she has given this talk many times before.

I find it interesting to see people who tell these stories through a different approach.

But all in all, she seems like she is genuinely telling the truth.

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@Cynthia Marble God speaks to us in our own language. Maybe you have never heard him speak to you. There are no thees and thous.

Yehuda Shalem

@Cynthia Marble ק את זה לא יהיה??? ? ??? ?? דד על זה לא לא יודע אם אם אתה רוצה להיות

Theresa Chung

Thank you!


i hear music as Stephanie Arnold is laying down in therapy ?

Cynthia Marble

That was strange, when she heard the voice tell her she can do what she wants, doesn’t sound like somthing god would say, sounds more like, “Do what thou wilt”

Laura Schmidt

OMG I also had an amniotic embolism in 1981. My son and I made it but it was the worst experience of my life and I died on the table at Kaiser Permanente in San Diego. At the time, I was only 1 in 5 women that survived. I spent a month in the hospital on dialysis but long and short of it, here I am 38 years later. I became a nurse and consequently a nurse practitioner. After the NDE and the embolism all I wanted to do was be a healer. Its weird to hear you talk about everything as mine was so very similar Laura S

Mrs Q

Laura May I ask what did you experience during your nde

Near Death Experiences

Excellent video! There is PLENTY of evidence and research that confirms that near-death experiences are REAL.

Mark Twain

An astonishing and marvelous panel presentation! The real audience is out here! This is a true gift to all of us! God bless!

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