Victor Wood Lyrics

Let me love you Carmelita
Let me kiss and hold you tight
Must I beg for some affection
From your direction
Night after night

Let me love you Carmelita
You don't know
What I'd go through
It's no fun
The way I'm thirsting
My heart is bursting
With love for you

Did your mother
Ever tell you
That it isn't right to kiss
I'm a man and you're a woman
It's only human
To want a squeeze

Let me love you Carmelita
Just one tender kiss and then
I will bet my bottom peso
On your own say so
We'll kiss again


Let me love you Carmelita
Just one tender kiss
And then
I will bet Carmelita
I won't have to beg again
Let me love you

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Comments from YouTube:

Michael Philip Maunes

RIP Mr. Victor Wood. May God continue to bless your soul and may your music continue to live on forever.

Cerilo Bugagao

RIP Sir Victor Wood nakita ko pa kau sa SmMegamall before pandemic I forgot to say hi and thank you for your beautiful sweet music

Joseph Velasco

Rest in Peace Jukebox King Victor Wood (1946 - 2021)

Sam Montefalco

Walang pagkupas ang mga kanta ni Victor wood sa mom ko na time hanggang aming mgkapatid .sikat pa rin


I remember my father.. he really like this song . i love you daddy i miss you in Heaven :_(

Justin's League

Na alala ko si lola kapag naririnig niya tong song na to sinasawan niya ng cha-cha I miss you Lola in heaven 🥺

Lorna Valderama

ang idol kung gwapo wala paring tatalo saboses mo ikaw talaga ang jukes box king sa buong mundo

Cerilo Bugagao

My Lola Fe love this Victor Wood song so much she die 6 years ago and I still remember her on this song

Liza Grace Tormento

2019 Southern Leyte ❤️

Tapioca_ Rin

Lola's Favorite💜

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