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In The Morning
by Vigilantes of Love

Darling, come and tell me what is wrong
I know you think that they're big and strong
God knows these rooms aren't safe with the night so long
But in the morning, they may be gone

Your heart is beating faster, and your fever is red-hot
Ever since the Fall, we try to remember something we forgot
All the broken toys we left out on the lawn
Why, in the morning, they may be gone

See, these sheets and flimsy covers don't offer much protection
And they don't make Penicillin that'll cure your infection
And our method of detection is so wrong
But in the morning, they may be gone

Child, you know I love you and I care
But you will find the heart of man is worse than any nightmare
Oh, how they will try to steal your dawn
But in the morning, they may be gone

Close your eyes and try to get some sleep
Sufficient is the evil for the day we have to keep
It's written somewhere that this can't go on and on
Why, in the morning, it may be gone

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