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I'm Sorry
by Virginia Astley

I can't confess all these things
But I'm sorry for all I've said
For all of the wrong I've done
There surely must be another way

We've talked so long of you
I no longer know how I feel
But my listening was purely selfish
In only trying to make you want me

Here is the truth
The truth that I trusted
I trusted you
My strength to over rule
And even in writing these words
I feel that I'm trying to be good,
In honesty my heart is hurts
And you, you are the cause of my pain

We've talked so long of you
But I can't blame you for this
You've always been king of your world
And all your life you've been just adored

You know that I know the truth
That your soul's as lost as mine
Together we held close our hearts
Together in such a small leaf of time

Here on my own
The storm coulds have gathered
In truth I say
Why is it so wrong

I can't confess all those things
It's so hard to say that I'm wrong
But I'm sorry for all I've said
There surely must be another path

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