Beata Viscera
Vox Clamantis Jaan-Eik Tulve Lyrics

Beata viscera Marie virginis
Cuius ad ubera rex magni nominis;
Veste sub altera vim celans numinis
Dictavit federa Dei et hominis
O mira novitas et novum gaudium,
Matris integrita post puerperium.

Solem, quem librere, Dum purus otitur
In aura cernere visus non patitur,
Cernat a latere dum repercutitur,
Alvus puerpere, qua totus clauditur.
O mira novitas et novum gaudium,
Matris integrita post puerperium.


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Jesushi Jesushi

I ask to myself how it is possible to give a thumb down to this piece od art.


Gorgeous, this is lovely. Thank you so much for posting.

Giulio Andreetta

Perotinus was a genius, and there are also those who claim that in reality he was not the author, but only a reviewer! Although we don't know much about him, I feel there is a strong creative individuality behind these pieces ... Perotino composed these pieces and how! And I admire its absolute genius

ross kirby

Wow, this a beautiful version of this masterpiece by Perotin.

John Anyon

Beyond beautiful !!!

Piotr Lecki

Incredible voices, this piece warms my heart and soul. I absolutely love it.

Alberto Rodriguez

increíble, fantástico, maravilloso...gracias!

Inna Rozhkova


Roger Moore

Beautiful interpretation. I love it!

Gianluigi Boscolo


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