Vulture Industries Lyrics

Damned once, condemned to be forgotten.
Locked into this cage, I struggle and struggle infused with rage.

I can smell the sea, these chains won't keep me.

Damned twice and locked into this soulcage,
I cry out in anguish, as my soul starts changing shape.

These bastard thoughts were never mine.
Embrace, internalize the crime.

Damned thrice supposedly conformed
My body aches as I embrace these bastard norms.

I can smell the sea, these chains won't keep me.
I can think and breathe
These bloody chains won't keep me.

I sought the Devil out as I realized what I'd become.
I sought redemption, but all I could find was the devils trail.
And there I followed in the devils tail
With all my demons now immortalized, with them my pains.
And misery came in my wake.

All of my innocence has died, this here is not my mind.
While I was locked up there I died, became a soulcaged mind.

Contributed by Micah I. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Mr. B

Holy shit, Bjørnar sounds almost exactly like Garm on this song!

Balle Balle

I feel awesome for being related to the gitarist in this band


@Skkarrg hey, same here. they were awesome!! Taake was too, by the way! I was one of the last persons which went home, so I had the chance to talk to Høst. Great guy he is!


They're amazing live.


Didn't know them until friday, they were support of Taake and it was absolutely amazing! Really great band!

Ollie Assault

@Goblexter yeah, i think avant garde is the most suitable genre.


in fact it sounds more like gaarm... previous vocalist to vortex


The song title is "Soulcage." :) Also, yes - the vocalist reminds me much of Simen (Arcturus, Dimmu Borgir.) This originally turned me onto the group. Definitely one of the better songs, but I haven't been disappointed at all with this album!


@CronicDisarray Avant Garde metal :) Oh, and I must update my previous comment: They plan to reunite with a performance at ProgPower 2011.

Ollie Assault

@Goblexter was Arcturus ever a part of any genre? :P

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