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Bad Man Party 2
by Vybz Kartel

Badman party: no karate
Mi and Shorty rollin wid di Glock 40
Badman party: fly crazy
Guinness corky mi spliff big like Walkie Talkie
Badman party: mi have di Beretta
Calico, Smith & Wesson di Teckie
Little di mackiesworthy
Badman party: mi have Ginelle Janet
Geneva Rachel & Rochelle & Reva
And Shorty

Sound a play gun play
Tune a beat grain a beat
Chronic inna mi brain a dweet
Guinness inna mi vein a dweet
Gal a come! Main a dweet
Feds a come! Lane a dweet
Narrow fly a no plane a dweet
AK from Spain a dweet
Man a tugz pon di street
Desert pon di feet
Desert Eagle inna hand
Spliff tail between di teeth
Fat gal pon di side
Wid di meat underneath & underneath
Mi send di feet of steel you seet

Everyman hold a woman & brace
Every gal whine pon a killer set pace
Any man weh nah work with it get chase
Broadboard fi di boy weh look inna man face
Moet & Alize by di case
Guinness & Heineken just in case
Moet run out wi start stout off wi face
$500 bag of high grade blow gone a space

Everything is everything
And everybody hype under liquor
But nah gwaan maddy maddy
Gal a call me & me no hear Addi!! Addi!!
Dem fi know seh Don Corleone
A one sickhead smaddy
When selector drop out di bass
Mek mi make haste
Replace di pace wid taste
Step up di pace fi wipe dem
Off di face of di earth
Nobody move nobody hurt

Contributed by Claire E. Suggest a correction in the comments below.