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Vybz Kartel Lyrics

Ghetto youths hold the faith
The cemetery full a nuff youths weh couldn't wait
Everyday ready a psalms meditate
Don't gi dem nothing fi dem celebrate
Aim fi yo gold some a penny weight
Listen to yo mother meck mi tell yo straight
Aris juice yo fi concentrate
Cause life a nuh movie, lions gate

And even when yo feeling down
Get up from off the ground
Build back a vibes nuh yow
All when wi fall wi naw bow

My youth weh yo bad mind mi fa
A nuh me meck yo life miserable
A nuh me meck yo cyaa be me
Anywhere mi go mi comfortable
Ghetto youths just aim fi the top
Never look back
This is not a singing tone
Teacher a tall pon the track

(Repeat )

(Repeat 1)

(Repeat )

(Repeat 2)

(Repeat )

Writer(s): Mario Dunwell, Linton White, Adidja Palmer

Contributed by Mateo F. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


Growing up my father was there but mentally he wasn't. That's why I look up to Kartel as a father figure

nicholas b

like orange juice "concentrate"..... life is a movie "lionsgate" free worlbosss the best 

Stefan Bfd

Kartel has that many lyrics people recycle them by accident😂

Skrilla Don

Some bwoys recycle Kartel lyrics n act like it a dem own.. smh

Jason Harrison

he said life ano movie 

Ganjababy Ja

I remember this ❤❤🗣🗣 I use to have this on repeat

Renardo Boucher



2019 still listening. Like Orange Juice meh Concentrate.


Even tho a gully me seh frm weh day and vado a do him ting sameway internationally. There is no denying tht kartel is creating history as we speak and will always be remembered bcoz of his work ethics, music etc. Even though ur feeling down get up frm of the ground. This tune really need a video big big big large up 2 kartel.

Its_ Just_Me


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