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Fire Ball
by Vybz Kartel

Well if you think you a wall
Stand up when yo si the fire ball
But yo seh somebody miss yo like a telephone call
When yo gone, crush a likkle cush in a mi palm
Wid a likkle bit a Craven A yeh a that a gwaan
Dem a seh cigarette wi kill yo
Gunshot kill yo quicker than a pack a Matterhorn
Life is a gamble pon the ludy board mi born
Stubborn man stubborn cause I am a Capricorn

Man a penny, you a penny
Mi a penny, dem a penny, mi a penny

Man a penny, you a penny
You no si a wi the pussy dem a penny
Mi seh mi cyaa flop now if mi no flop already
Mi seh mi cyaa flop now if mi no flop already
Mi seh mi cyaa flop now if mi no flop already
Mi seh mi cyaa flop now if mi no flop already

If you think you a Jah, stand up when yo si mi anger
Hustle man a sent strong, but the grabber stronger
Oh amber, mi and you a do la pam ba
Mi no mix up wid the fish a wa do dutty Janga
Dem a seh ghetto youth born fi dead
Tell da piece a rope deh mi haffi live longer
Life too sweet, life too sweet ha
Ask any beas, ask any banker

Writer(s): Linton Timajae White, Adidja Azim Palmer, Mario Dunwell

Contributed by Gianna V. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

all over the world

Alkaline bad enuh but some word kartel find and some line weh him make up no other artist will find them kartel too sick

William Kunte

Hun you are hot! Are you STILL on YouTube? Hmu if yes. For so long I have just met your post.

David Sharp

up up up

Sabina Rich

bomboclaat sound like world boss voice full weed him can hardly talk... yuh cant flap world boss.. u a d best

Rodrigo Eueeu

Você é o melhor! U A D best hahaha

Tiylor Andrews

I dont even know why people putting alkaline and kartel in the same sentence i rate alkaline but he aint did shit yet to be considered on kartel level give him about 5 more years if he's still going as hard as he's going now then you can start to talk about it. But world boss to the world Straight#Gaza

Jahmarley henry

5 years reach... World Boss still a beat and teach! no styling!

Yoli ElizYFancY

Tiylor Andrews lol him flop like mildew rag

Moonie Boss




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