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Mi Nuh Trust People
by Vybz Kartel

Mi nuh trust, mi nuh trust people
Mi nuh trust, mi nuh trust people
Mi nuh trust, mi nuh trust people
Mi nuh trust people
Mi don't trust people
Mi seh yo cyaa trust people
Mi buy my car cash
Caw mi not even a trust vehicle

Hear mi nuh yow
Da obeah deh naw work
Hear mi nuh yow
Yo cyaa get mi password
Mi seh mi won't drop down
Mi nuh shop keeper
For mi no trust man
Cane shop up here mi seh supn must wrong
Yow a me alone born
A never plus one
So no friend cyaa trick mi fi kill mi
This a the bloodclaat truth like religious song
Si da wife deh a fuck pon her husband
Wickedest thing a me shi a sleep wid
And him swear shi a grass root when a just sand
Dutty people, nuh fi know whoa good, who a evil
Si da one deh a smile fi deceive yo
When him really red eye fi yo vehicle
Yo buy a pound a flour watch the weevil
Dem a sprinkle the oil a nuh desil
Yeah mi si in a mi head a nuh mesil


Contributed by Jordan F. Suggest a correction in the comments below.

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