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by Vybz Kartel

Different type of girl, from all ova the world
Wah fi be d teacha's pet
Anything teacha waan, teacha get!
Your girl, his girl, her girl
Black girl, white girl, brown girl!
From the first word second word third word…
Waan be the teacha's pet
Why di gyal dem love me so
I don't know
Why dem a mad ova mi
I don't know
Woman a jamaica, woman a caribean, woman inna america
Weh i dont go
One house, one star, twenty girl
Add it up,
That equal tu war
Twenty kids, twenty hoe, plenty love…
But teacha only have one heart!
Who will get my heart?
You have to watch it from the start,
Ah realist gyal can rock mi world
Intill death do us part
Who will get my heart?
You have to watch it from the start,
Ah realist gyal can rock mi world
Until death do us part

Writer(s): Adidja Palmer

Contributed by Mackenzie O. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Timoy Henningham

can't compare alkaline to kartel him just hot for the time been on the other hand kartel hot everyday and forever hot#1DONE#1KARTEL

One Knock

rhett palmer him nah gwaan good this year

rhett palmer

Timoy Henningham one ting me wah know 2016 shud ave been alkaline year but addi seh dat nah gwan u fi alkaline ago get a next chance like last year.

Danico Williamson

+Timoy Henningham thats what i was just about to write

Damion Mclean



This song i ahead of its time.



Junior Fletcher

imagine this come out in 2016,it would be such a hit.this is flowing with deep lyrics. Lyricist 1,2and 3 real sick.freeworldboss NOWWWWW

christopher Allen

What is the similarity between my lyrics and a doughnut? Sweet EEEEEE

Antonio Bryan

"a fi dem artiste run dancehall? I can't recall"

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