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Paraphrase Of A Walz By Robert Stoltz
Władysław Szpilman Lyrics

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It’s actually not Spot-On
But it’s Good

When he says “Xhosa”
He pauses between Xho-&-sa

But, it’s good for a white man, and it’s better than Idris Elba’s accents

But you’d be impressed, you are Tswana

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Gus Vogt-Shields

This guy should come back and critique some foreign actors doing american accents, because as an American it’s always really surprising how good they are.

Jackson Akins

@oriel That’s weird, you don’t sound British

Kate go

I think the reason American accents are often easier to learn is that generally, American accents are quite un-pronounced, sort of loose. You don't really define your words. I'm Belgian but I lived in the States for a year. I never actually tried to adopt the accent, I just kinda did. I noticed the big issue is consistency. You say your "th" right one time and then you turn it in a "t" the next time, there are little moments when you don't round off your vowels, the "r" can be very easy but in some words, it's really difficult, etc...


It helps that Americans aren't as fussy about their faked accents being as high-fidelity as other countries are.

The Skooma Plug

I only noticed that the guy who plays Frank in Man in the High Castle was British because the way he pronounced "authority" once made me suspicious. He did a phenomenal American accent


He threw Idris Elba in there. His counterpart, Jimmy McNulty, was played by another Englishman, Dominic West.

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Sally Bradshaw

Just wanted to say that as a 15-year-old, this video completely blew my mind, and largely because of Erik Singer's videos, I became really interested in linguistics and am now pursuing a degree in TESOL. This video was kind of the start of it all :)


May God help you.

Seival Sentinel

Sally, my gal, it is lovely to see you again

Wesley chadderton

That's awesome 👌. Good luck with your studies. You got this. 👊

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