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Am I Dreaming
by Wale

What up Emf, what up Jay
I swear these rap motherfuckers
They all dreamin' they all gangsters
Everybody's a drug lord
Everybody's fucking Ron O'Neal or some shit, right
Most of y'all not as hard as you say you is
You soft as cotton swabs, so get up out my ear
I'd rather have wax build up
Than whack images of rap niggas
Talkin' 'bout shit that they don't even know about
All the keys of coke they got
All the whips they drove and the hoes they be going at
Blowing out substances, so much irrelevant
I ain't tryin' to preach, but at least try to relish this
You're hotdogging it, you're feeling yourself
The movie of your life, you gonna film with yourself
Co-wrote and co-produced by you and only you
Embellished and re-edited and this is nothing new
And I ain't tryin' to discipline
But this is something you all don't realize
Most rappers just sly
A sight for sore eyes, I'm the brightest upcoming
These other niggas dreamin' if they thinkin' that they thuggin'
I told you, like everybody's a thug
I seen this nigga, man
Yo, I seen you at the bus stop, dawg
You don't have a Maybach
You ain't got no Benz
You can have a bucket and do what you do, dawg
It ain't really all that, you know
It's cool if you think your flow the hottest 'round
But you're not Kanye, so go an put your collar down
And you ain't gotta frown, dawg
You can be a thug, but please keep your pants on
Cause all this saggin' is bad to see
They say the ones that try the hardest be the fags indeed
You're watching too much television
Dipset could tell you, listen
Your whole flow, I can spot it like leopard skin
You're not Juelz, Jim Jones, or Cam
hell, you're just fakincense
Jeezy dropped, everybody a snowman
Say you got pounds, I ain't seen you with an old Gat
What's so bad is that your flow is all fixated
Over street dreams, your dream, you can't illustrate it
You're not innovative, you're just an imitator
Take your Visine and caffeine and wake up
The ban man want to talk like
You know who I'm talking about too, but
The bad man want to talk about
He got money, he got jewelry
Man, I seen you, youngin'
You got motherfuckin' Pumas on, dawg
My name Wale, last name irrelevant
Drive an 89 Cam', I'm really tryin' to sell that shit
Used to sell crack, wasn't sellin' big weight
Did the low here and there to get my sneaker game straight
Sold weed, though, but no kilos of coke
Used to go in niggas' whips for C notes and roll
And I'm not a thug but I do got a temper
My right hand symbolizes what I must remember
And yes, I've shot pistols
My intentions were to never take another life
Unless mine dangled in the trenches
Sprinkle them with flow until they souls all drenched
And drown with my style, cause I'm brighter than they is
I hope to make them smile while enlighten all the kids
Hip-hop, that's my art, real life is what it is
I is real like that sentence of Jacob
Symbolize greatness, Spike Lee, wake up
And if you rap and you got, like, a problem with me
First of all, you can come see me
Second of all, you, you don't gotta tell us about all these items that you claim to have
You got your guns, sure, you know
And another thing, back on the other shit
The bad man told me he had his Glebe with dimes
The whole time, he in the mall buying shoes for the girls
She tryin' to look like Star Jones a little bit
Like, before the surgery or the lipo
But anyway, I'm jive, whatever
My nigga told me he fresh
He got dissed down at Third
The nigga got like an 85 Corolla or some shit
My point is, these rap niggas is jive
Dreamin', but it's alright
I ain't gonna knock your hustle
I'mma let that hook ride out, cause that was jive

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