The Mountain Song
Walter Trout Lyrics

I'd listen to the wind all day
As it told me of my good times
And how they seem to run away
And the sun would always be shining

Making me feel so good and warm
And i'd sit there laughing with my friends
The ones who wouldnt do me any harm
If I lived upon the mountain
There'd be so much I could say

About the women that i'm loving
The reason why she ran away
I don't know
I don't know

If I lived uppon the Mountain
There'd be so much I could say
About the women That I'm Loving
And the reason why she ran away

I wish our love could be a Mountain
Tall and Shining every day
But our love is like a new born sparrow
In time it has to fly away
Love don't fly away

In time it has to fly away
In time it has to fly away

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Comments from YouTube:

Ronald Abelskamp

That "Life in the jungle" album is like a time machine to me.

Dragon Rebel

Takes me back to living in La great band

Jan Geerdink

What a great song! Walter is one of the greatest blues gitarist! Waauuh!

Harleyrider NY

One of his best songs ever.

Jim Van Kooten



i was with a group of people to their concert i lost the group i was with and they started playing.i can assure you that i didnt miss my friends a bit,,that good they where. great band


Great song ! I love Walter Trout ! He is a great blues singer and guitar player.

Paul Engelken

Saw him in Baarlo for all places
Hooper; hey dude you're still alive....?

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