'94 Ho Draft
Warren G Lyrics

Ladies and gentlemen, pimps, playaz and hustlahs, welcome to the 1994 hooooooo

Draft.yeah, yeah what's up what's up 'cause what's up yeah oh and I could tell you

Today that fellas that we got a very very good draft fo ya all we got ah ladies

Like kim the keeper straight from south gate we got ah tammy she too young

Right now but that's alright the bitch still got some good pussy oh yes she do
Okay also we got vivian the video hos that's been in everybodies videos ya know

What I'm sayin (she ain't got paid yet) ain't never gonna get paid either that

Bitch also we got ah aimee ah that jawjackin bitch from the west side long

Beach ya know what I mean that bitch just be talkin like a mutha funker don't

She? okay then also we got melanie ah from the north side a.k.a yeast, or

Wonder bread, or ah flame on her junior high name, (burn baby burn) and she has halitosis.


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Comments from YouTube:


Warren's laugh worthless 🤣

Salame Mode


Breed X

0:25 WOW! 😲🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣

Disciple of The Way

E-40 has songs rapping about sleeping with young girls back in the day too. And many more.

Emanating Faucet

@Breed X It's about individuality though. Which they seem to forget as they speak over & think they know what every lady wants.
She made her own choice to feature in those videos

Breed X

@DRa Pacino It's a LOT of shit from back then in this #MeToo politically correct era would sound CRAZY!!! Like this here. 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

DRa Pacino

Exactly lol they woulda tossed the whole album for that in today's era

Zerium Watix


Carlton Johnson

Funny shit