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World Wide Ryders
by Warren G

[Chorus: x2]
If you want to dip with me, trip with me, get rich with me
Then you a world wide rider (rider)
You a world wide rider (rider)

Another day on the grind, it ain't much to do
Fuck with some bitches, hit a couple switches
This nigga's talkin shit I had to bomb on him
Had to get checked, niggaz best respect
Everyday you see me on the paper chase
I'm G, Warren to the G you know me
Throw your hands high, where all my G's at?
They all comin, to where Warren G's at
I keep my game tight, money and money and mo money
And ain't a damn thing funny
How could I live like that, I just can
And when it comes to this game, I'm just too far advanced
I'll leave you waiting, homey what's crackulating
Is it cracking or not?
In the back of the lot?
But this is all I got, I thought it was known
Warren G, Neb Luv, K-Bar and its on

[Chorus: x2]

Ride with Nine Inch Nails last night and shit
I'm on some more rock n' roll hip hop shit
Keepin' it locked like my zip drive
We goin' stay high
Out for the Motza, get you strung out like pasta
All into the roster lady, baby
I'll drive ya crazy, pull your car for the diamonds
I'm gettin' shady, Swayzie in the plush
Too quick to be touched, give you the head rush
To the front of the stage, like you bout to get paid
I'm lights, camera, watch you blow like grenades
I never serenade, I just party
Marinate, get your cash everybody
Come on and ride with me, dip with me
Get rich with me, sip some Hennessy
If you's a, rider, a world wide, rider

[Chorus: x2]

Big bank tank little bank, nigga what you think
I'm a pass on this million dollar hustle you a fool now
Give me some portraits of some dead niggaz
Take two shots of the best made nigga
These niggaz, talkin' too much, they flossin' too much
Instead of makin' they bucks, bank account runnin' out of luck
Now you stuck, do deals fulfill your dreams make cream
Keep my pockets long like streams, no strings
Attached, attack any nigga plottin' on my stack
Mo bounce to this, smoke an ounce to this
Make more gold than fish, one wish
Live on top of the world
And better livin' for ghetto boys and girls
Peanuts is for the squirrels
Neb Luv, Warren G and me
Talkin' bout thick wallets and livin' lavishly
Mash on thee enemy

[Chorus: x4]


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