Wax and EOM, The Adventures of Larry and Tina: We need your help!

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The Adventures of Larry and Tina
by Wax and EOM

he shoulda seen she was really naive
shit she was still only 19
and he was many years older

but he seen her walk by in them tight jeans
and he looked at her like "that's my queen"
cause he thought that he could mold her, but it don't work, no

verse one

Larry was a 39 year old dude
who was gettin over divorce and a custody feud
and he'd been single now, bout a year and a half
he like to hit the strip club for a beer and a laugh
and one particular girl, in his mind was a standout
knew exactly when she worked, had his schedule planned out
he would hand out money and advice to her often
she liked him, smiled when he walked in
he was real witty and her laughter was genuine
she was real pretty with that passionate, feminine
touch, that he had missed so much since his wife left
so soft, with her clothes off she was priceless
hypnotized when she moved to the rhythm
he soon suggested that she move in with him
she accepted, and within the next week
Larry was in love with the young ass freak, he shoulda seen...


verse two

Tina was a little hot blonde bombshell
that could never seem to get along with her mom well
moved out at 17 to put the bickering behind her
lied about her age started stripping as a minor
she was lonely and needed a better pad
and Larry was like the better dad that she never had
and for once in her life she was stable
no rent, free utilities, even cable
and Larry was in love it was evident
but she only saw him as a friend to whom she gave pussy to instead of rent
and she was quite wild
white piles in her nose all night lifestyle
he didn't mind that she partied alot
because he didn't know how retarded she got
he thought that she was the type of chick you trust
he didn't know she was real promiscuous, he should seen...


verse three

the strip club closes and Tina's on the freeway
in the car with the club's bouncer and DJ
they checked in to the Holiday inn
they had a 8 ball of coke and a bottle of gin
and Tina got drunk started showin' em tits
and by the end of the night she let both of em hit
and although they weren't technically rapin her
it probably wouldn't have been consensual if she knew they were tapin her
and Larry was at home all alone the next night
lookin at his favorite pornographic website
shocker that it was a fetish site that had to do with teens
he clicked on the screen where it had the newest scenes
what he saw next hit him in the jugular
Tina was the start of a film called young cum guzzler
he shoulda never thought that he could mold her
now he's heartbroken again and gettin older


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