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Stuck in a Basement
We'd Riot for Less Lyrics

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I don't know: Wendy's did pretty good with an old lady saying "Where's the beef?" That is until they were caught serving a FINGER in their cup of Chilli**😂😂😂

**Note to Wendy's executives and/or lawyers on retainer: The finger comment was A JOKE. (Still you have to laugh at that yourselves... And even admire the thought that went into that SHAKE DOWN attempt on the Wendy's establishments😶😏)
In fact I well let you know I woud rather eat at Wendy's because "Dave" was a lot more likable than the clown McDonald's utilized, or even that "Good ol Boy" KFC utilized

Still, "Jack" is kind of cool for Jack In The Box...So you might want to give Wendy a makover....Maybe even turn her into an rotund African Amrican gal...Like Aunt Jemimah?😂😂😂😂 Note to NAACP: Sorry, I couldn't resist that one either.😂

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Many people are coming to this video by way of reddit. Hi! Hello! This is the vlogbrothers YouTube channel. This will probably represent the peak of our Rax-related content, so if you are looking primarily for Rax-Facts, you may not want to subscribe.
You happen to be visiting in the midst of Pizzamas. Do you need a strange t-shirt featuring a mustachioed man in various incarnations? Well, then, have I got news for you: -John


Been subscribed for years, but followed a link from Reddit. Didn't notice this was vlogbrothers and the voice of Hank until "John, I'll see you tomorrow."


Because of Reasons, they almost exclusively make 4 minute videos here


Also to the redditors: With the content of the video and this comment, you now consumed high literature, produced bt two NYT bestselling authors.

You can pre-order John's newest book, "The Anthropocene Reviewed" everywhere and stuff


I’m glad this only “probably” represents the peak of the Rax-related content on vlogbrothers—always good to stay flexible with your future content!


Hello! Good content here

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“You can eat here” is hilarious. That would totally work today


It really would lol. I can see it being the next Arby’s ad


it's like "Nintendo Switch has games"


Honestly after last year's lockdown that slogan would fit so well for any restaurant

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