Sad Song
We the Kings Lyrics

You and I, we're like fireworks and symphonies exploding in the sky
With you, I'm alive
Like all the missing pieces of my heart, they finally collide

So stop time right here in the moonlight
'Cause I don't ever wanna close my eyes

Without you, I feel broke
Like I'm half of a whole
Without you, I've got no hand to hold
Without you, I feel torn
Like a sail in a storm
Without you, I'm just a sad song
I'm just a sad song

With you, I fall
It's like I'm leaving all my past and silhouettes up on the wall
With you, I'm a beautiful mess
It's like we're standing hand and hand with all our fears up on the edge

So stop time right here in the moonlight
'Cause I don't ever wanna close my eyes

Without you, I feel broke
Like I'm half of a whole
Without you, I've got no hand to hold
Without you, I feel torn
Like a sail in a storm
Without you, I'm just a sad song

You're the perfect melody
The only harmony I wanna hear
You're my favourite part of me
With you standing next to me
I've got nothing to fear

Without you, I feel broke
Like I'm half of a whole
Without you, I've got no hand to hold
Without you, I feel torn
Like a sail in a storm
Without you, I'm just a sad song

Without you, I feel broke
Like I'm half of a whole
Without you, I've got no hand to hold
Without you, I feel torn
Like a sail in a storm
Without you, I'm just a sad song, I'm just a sad song

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Daisy Medina

when your alive:
"shes/he is really ugly"
"they are so worthless."
"i wish they never existed"

when your dead:
"i miss them so much"
"they were such a beautiful soul"
"oh how i wish they were still here with us.."


They didnt notice you were crying

They didnt notice you were sad

They didnt notice you were tired

They didnt notice you were alone.

They didnt notice how attractive you were.

They didnt notice how sweet you actually are.

They didnt notice how you actually try to make other people smile.

They did notice your failing grades

They did notice your unattractive

They did notice the mean side of you

They did notice all of your mistakes

They did notice all of your flaws

They did notice that you were not good enough for them.

Hailie Erdmann

“Suicide doesn’t stop the pain,” “It gives it to someone else.”
- [ ] 1: We would miss you
- [ ] 2: It’s worth it to be alive
- [ ] 3: It does get better, believe it or not it will eventually get better.
- [ ] 4: There’s so much you would miss out on doing.
- [ ] 5: You are worth it don’t let anyone, even yourself tell you otherwise.
- [ ] 6: God made you for a reason, you have a reason.
- [ ] 7: There is always a reason to live!
- [ ] 8: So many people care about you
- [ ] 9: You are amazing
- [ ] 10: I don’t even know you and I love you
- [ ] 11: I care for you
- [ ] 12: There are plenty of people that love you
- [ ] 13: You're literally perfect!! <3
- [ ] 14: There are plenty of people that care for you
- [ ] 15: God loves you
- [ ] 16: God cares about you
- [ ] 17: Sometimes life is hard but it will make you a stronger person don’t worry!
- [ ] 18: What about all the things you’ve always wanted to do? What about all the things you’ve planned, but never got around doing? You can’t do them if your dead.
- [ ] 19: I want you to be alive
- [ ] 20: So many people want you alive!
- [ ] 21: You won’t be able to listen to Music if you die
- [ ] 22: You’ll never be able to listen to your favorite song if you die.
- [ ] 23: You’ll never be able to listen to your favorite singer if you’re gone
- [ ] 24: You’ll never be able to listen to your favorite rapper if you’re gone.
- [ ] 25: listening to really loud music
- [ ] 26: Killing yourself is never worth it, you’ll hit both yourself & the people who care about you.
- [ ] 27: There are so many people that would miss you, including me
- [ ] 28: the clouds
- [ ] 29: You are gorgeous
- [ ] 30: Someone out there would die for you :’)
- [ ] 31: How do you think your family would feel?
- [ ] 32: Proving people wrong with your success.
- [ ] 33: Watching the jerks that doubted you fail at life.
- [ ] 34: You’ll never have the feeling of walking into a warm building on a cold day.
- [ ] 35: You’ll never have the feeling of walking into a cold building on a hot day.
- [ ] 36: Being stupid in public just because you can.
- [ ] 37: Helping other people.
- [ ] 38: You have a future to live for..
- [ ] 39: Being alive is good
- [ ] 40: thinking about happy memories
- [ ] 41: Finding your soulmate.
- [ ] 42: All nighters!!!
- [ ] 43: Sleeping in all day
- [ ] 44: You can look back at yourself later in your life and be glad you didn’t commit suicide.
- [ ] 45: Nobody could ever replace you
- [ ] 46: You’re unique
- [ ] 47: pets
- [ ] 48: petting pets
- [ ] 49: Netflix and movies
- [ ] 50: Decorating the Christmas tree
- [ ] 51: Dreams that make you smile
- [ ] 52: Breakfast in bed
- [ ] 53: New clothes
- [ ] 54: New shoes
- [ ] 55: New books
- [ ] 56: Sunrises and Sunsets
- [ ] 57: Friends
- [ ] 58: The ocean
- [ ] 59: Sunlight
- [ ] 60: Your family
- [ ] 61: Inside jokes
- [ ] 62: Birthdays
- [ ] 63: Christmas
- [ ] 64: Family traditions
- [ ] 65: The taste of your favorite food
- [ ] 66: Favorite tv show
- [ ] 67: Favorite movie
- [ ] 68: Going to new places
- [ ] 69: The ability to peruse what ever you choose (there are over 7 billion people on Earth, don’t be afraid to be you)
- [ ] 70: To earn money and rewards
- [ ] 71: You can always flip your life around.
- [ ] 72: To find the perfect job/career for you
- [ ] 73: Pizza
- [ ] 74: Kittens
- [ ] 75: New haircuts
- [ ] 76: Moments you can look back to and laugh at
- [ ] 77: The clouds
- [ ] 78: The world is better with you in it
- [ ] 79: Roller Coasters
- [ ] 80: Showers
- [ ] 81: Cake
- [ ] 82:Growing old
- [ ] 83: Growing old with the person you love
- [ ] 84: Singing
- [ ] 85: Sleeping
- [ ] 86: Ice-cream
- [ ] 87: Cookies
- [ ] 88: food in general
- [ ] 89: Movie nights
- [ ] 90: Candy
- [ ] 91: Popcorn
- [ ] 92: Daydreaming
- [ ] 93: Happy moments
- [ ] 94: Halloween
- [ ] 95: Sleepovers
- [ ] 96: Parties
- [ ] 97: Having a good personality
- [ ] 98: Making people happy
- [ ] 99: Bonfires
- [ ] 100: Sitting on rooftops
- [ ] 101: Vacations
- [ ] 102: Hearing crazy stories
- [ ] 103: Telling crazy stories
- [ ] 104: Treehouses
- [ ] 105: Starbucks
- [ ] 106: You’ve changed someone’s life
- [ ] 107: If you’re gone how will you achieve great things?
- [ ] 108: Everyone has talent including you
- [ ] 109: Eating crazy food
- [ ] 110: Hanging out with your friends
- [ ] 111: Nobody could ever replace you
- [ ] 112: You have so much to live for
- [ ] 113: Your dreams need some fulfilling to do
- [ ] 114: Living life to the fullest
- [ ] 115: Heck, I would miss you like crazy
- [ ] 116: Your family and friends would be devastated if you were gone
- [ ] 117: Someone out there is constantly praying to meet someone like you
- [ ] 118: Your future
- [ ] 119: You could save so many lives
- [ ] 120: You are too beautiful to disappear
- [ ] 121: You are bigger than any of your problems
- [ ] 122: You are never alone during this struggle
- [ ] 123: Tomorrow is a new day!
- [ ] 124: You are worth more than you think
- [ ] 125: But, the final and most important one is, just being able to experience life, because even if your life doesn’t seem so great right now, anything could happen!


All suicide hotline numbers if you need someone to talk to :
- [ ] Argentina: +5402234930430
- [ ] Australia: 131114
- [ ] Austria: 142; for children and young people, 147
- [ ] Belgium: 106
- [ ] Bosnia & Herzegovina: 080 05 03 05
- [ ] Botswana: 3911270
- [ ] Brazil: 188 for the CVV National Association
- [ ] Canada: 1 .833 .456 .4566, 5147234000
- [ ] (Montreal); 18662773553 (outside Montreal)
- [ ] Croatia: 014833888
- [ ] Denmark: +4570201201
- [ ] Egypt: 7621602
- [ ] Estonia: 3726558088;
- [ ] Russian 3726555688
- [ ] Finland: 010 195 202
- [ ] France: 0145394000
- [ ] Germany: 08001810771
- [ ] Holland: 0900767
- [ ] Hong Kong: +852 2382 0000
- [ ] Hungary: 116123
- [ ] India: 8888817666
- [ ] Ireland: +44058457909090
- [ ] Italy: 800860022
- [ ] Japan: +810352869090
- [ ] Mexico: 5255102550
- [ ] New Zealand: 0800543354
- [ ] Norway: +4781533300
- [ ] Philippines: 028969191
- [ ] Poland: 5270000
- [ ] Portugal: 21 854 07 40/8 . 96 898 21 50
- [ ] Russia: 0078202577577
- [ ] Spain: 914590050
- [ ] South Africa: 0514445691
- [ ] Sweden: 46317112400
- [ ] Switzerland: 143
- [ ] United Kingdom: 08457909090
- [ ] USA: 18002738255
- [ ] Veterans’ Crisis Line: 1 800 273 8255/ text 383255


songs that could make you happy 🥺
Personal by HRVY: @YJpE
I like me better by Lauv: @ozwA
Classic by MKTO: @A4Ds
Just friends by JORDY: @eINM
Eastside by Benny Blanco,Halsey,& Khalid: @UvGY
What makes you beautiful by 1D: @-A4E
Cheerleader by OMI: @QfW8
Everybody talks by Neon Trees: @84lE
Dear future husband by Meghan Trainor: @D_40
Backyard Boy by Claire Rosenkranz: @shy8
Shut up and dance with me by WALK THE MOON: @lx6Q
iSpy by KYLE: @gMPU
Trap queen by Fetty Wap: @NKio
LMK by Lil XXEL: @IC24
Dynamite by BTS: @WNZg

- fun facts!

1.Otters hold hands when sleeping is they don’t drift away from each other
2.Penguins only have one mate their entire life, they also propose by giving them a pebble
3.Cows have best friends’re perfect <3
- another message : -


To all those people being bullied
- To all those people who have lost a loved one
- To all those people who have lost a pet
- To all those people being abused
- To all those people going through depression
- To all those people with anxiety
- To all those people in poverty
- To all those people going through a breakup
- To all those people having a bad day
- To all those people with insecurities
- To all those people just having a hard time

Don’t forget
- Your weakness today
- Is your strength tomorrow
- It always gets better
- Your loved ones will remain in your hearts
- You always have the memories
- Love yourself
- Stand up for yourself
- Money can’t buy happiness
- Those lovers
- Just weren’t right
- Don’t abuse yourself
- Don’t abuse others
- Kill them with kindness
- Treat people with kindness
- We’ve all had these times
- There will always be a hole in our chests


- Let’s all be each others’ strength
- whether you’re
- Black
- White
- Christian
- Atheist
- Etc

- Love yourself
- Love others
- Don’t cut
- Don’t kill
- Don’t criticize
- Don’t beg
- Don’t do drugs
- Don’t starve yourself
- Don’t starve others

We aren’t supposed to do any of that
- Just keep your strength
- Keep your faith
- Don’t change because you were told to
- Be yourself
- Sometimes playing a character, isn’t the best thing to do. Have a great day, and don’t stop spreading awareness about things that are happening currently in the world .

(Copy & Paste please. So more people can see!) NOT MY MESSAGE but do remember it
ladies and guys men and women boys and girls always remember if you get in a break up just know that they were to low of a level for you you are a higher level than them

ding ding oh what's that sound oh ya the elevator because there not on your level and your moving up
just remember if they lose you they lose the prettiest \ handsome boy or girl in the world

Izuku Midoriya

Hey you! If you’re the one person who somehow ends up reading this, I hope this helps!!-

-Are you sad? Maybe you are? Maybe you aren’t.

I made two messages, the one right below is if you’re happy, and the last one is if you’re sad.

If you’re happy, then I am very pleased to hear that. I hope you continue to be!!! You are the best. Please spread happiness around, some might need it!!💕

If you are sad, this ones for you.—How are you feeling buddy?? Are you down lately? I have absolutely no idea what you are going through, but I really hope your sadness comes to an end as soon as possible!!! Life isn’t always right, and I understand you—I really do. You are worthy and don’t ever think you aren’t. Or perhaps... You have troubles at home? I don’t really know, but I really do wish that everything turns out right for you. If you have a close friend, you can talk to them!! It will make you feel a whole lot better!
Now I may not know you and this message might not do you any good, but please, promise me you will be as strong as strong can be. I, and many others will accept you no matter what, because in this world some people won’t and that’s a bummer because they are missing out on an amazing person—you.

You aren’t alone!! :)

Have a good day/afternoon/night ❤️

ariana talen

Little boy: “Are you an angel?”

Girl: “What?”

Little boy: “My mom told me those who have marked wrists are angels.”

Girl: “I’m not an angel”

Little boy: “Of course you are! Mom said only angels hurt themselves because they don’t like the life on earth. The world is destroying them so they try to return to heaven again. They are too sensitive to the pain of others and their own.”

Girl: “You know your mom is very wise.”

Little boy: “Thank you. She is also an angel, but she already returned home.”

Not my comment but this is too touching to not repost.

Alkalite Labs

Little Boy:
Are you an angel?
Little Boy:
An angel. I've heard the deep space pilots talk about them. They live on the moons of Iego, I think. They're the most beautiful creatures in the universe.
You're a funny little boy. How do you know so much?
Little Boy:
I listen to all the traders and star pilots who come through here. I'm a pilot, you know, and someday I'm going to fly away from this place.


I'm giving you my own 101 reasons to stay alive list:
1. you'll never eat your favorite food again
2. you'll never drink your favorite drink again
3. you might one day meet your idol
4. people who care about you will miss you
5. laughing so hard your stomach hurts
6. crying to let it all out and feeling better
7. sitting by a slightly opened window and listening to music with some breeze flowing in is the best thing ever, bonus points if it's raining
8. you'll never wear your favorite clothes again
9. sleeping in
10. reading your favorite book
11. you'll never grow up with your friends
12. flopping onto your bed our couch after an exhausting day
13. trampolines
14. cookies
15. coffee or tea (your preference)
16. getting something new and that feeling of happiness
17. rewards for doing good on something
18. your favorite show
19. your favorite game
20. singing in the shower
21. farting when you're alone and laughing about it
22. the moon
23. the stars
24. activities that entertain you even if you're not very good at it
25. your favorite scent
26. listening to a song on loop for hours
27. staring into nothingness and thinking about a bunch of nothing
28. the warmth you feel when someone hugs you
29. turning on the ac/fan/getting under the shade in the hot weather
30. cuddling under a blanket in the cold weather
31. dancing when to music when you're alone
32. sunsets
33. sunrises
34. snow
35. rain
36. your favorite song
37. you'll miss out on memes
38. watch corona disappear
39. long bus/train/car rides
40. road trips
41. going to the bathroom after holding it in for hours
42. that satisfying feeling when you so much drink water when you're thirsty to the point you're full
43. trying out new things
44. hearing birds chirp early in the morning
45. really special events like graduations, weddings, anniversaries, etc.
46. giving gifts
47. receiving gifts
48. when you're eating butter popcorn and one of them is a lot saltier than any of most of them (same with fries)
49. fireplaces
50. roasting marshmallows
51. s'mores
52. chocolates
53. finding stray animals
54. listening to a new artist and instantly getting hooked to their songs
55. when you're vacuuming and you hit an extra dusty spot and it makes that crinkling noise
56. eating so much food to the point you feel like you're about to throw up
57. free things
58. that happiness you feel when you overcome a problem
59. the sigh of relief you do when you guess on a test answer and it ends up being right
60. holidays
61. that funny moment when you keep telling yourself "one more chapter"
62. when you procrastinate something but you're like "that was easy" when you end up finishing it
63. amusement parks
64. candies
65. when you're bored and you do absolutely random useless things like trying to get the same side magnets to touch each other
66. learning random useless facts that somehow entertain you
67. that feeling when your heart skips a beat from thinking about something exciting
68. aesthetic things
69. hugging things
70. seeing rainbows after it rains
71. when the wind blows in your face and it's annoying but you find it funny at the same time
72. when you lay down and you instantly feel tired and feel like you're falling asleep after a long day
73. trying to stay up but you end up failing and you're mad at first but you laugh about it later on
74. falling leaves
75. cherry blossom trees
76. your favorite animal
77. that scary feeling when you find a spider in your bed and you're about to catch it but it disappears
78. doing embarrassing things when you're alone
79. cringing at weird things
80. trying to learn a new culture
81. feeling better about yourself when you find out you're better than someone at something
82. you weren't born to entertain people
83. saying witty comebacks (sometimes backfiring but it's funny in the end)
84. arguing with 8-year-old kids
85. those disgusting yet funny moments when you accidentally swallow a bug
86. new technologies
87. feeling nostalgic when you remember old things
88. when you look back at your younger self and realize how much you've grown and changed
89. cringing at old things you've said and done
90. money
91. random shower thoughts
92. asking yourself extremely random questions like "how many ants are there in the world"
93. when you think you're failing at something but in the end everything ends up being alright
94. that weird funky smell from new items
95. how hard it is to hold in a smile when your parents embarrass you and they go there's that smile
96. beautiful artworks that sometimes don't make sense
97. feeling happy for other people
98. cute animals
99. flowers
100. laughing at your own stupidity
and lastly, 101: me :)

Landon White

To the 0.001% of people that reads this

Loneliest people are kindest,
saddest people smile brightest and
most damaged people are smartest,
reason for that is that they don't want other people feel what they're feeling
You are a beautiful kind person
That's why you are loved

You guys that are hurting
I'll be there for you
It may not seem like it because I don't know you and you don't know me
I love you all
Everyone on this planet is loved by everyone
If you get bullied at school
I am there for you
I care for you all!

Edit: Thanks for the likes guys i hope god make your life better not like me btw thanks for your likes i really appreciate it love you guys!!!
❤Peace ✌❤


Hey person scrolling through the comments right now,

you'll probably never see me ever again because I'm only 1 of the billions people out there,

but all I wanted to say was, I hope you have a wonderful day.

Don't let anyone or anything bring you down.

You're special in your own way and don't let anyone or anything take the feeling of being special away from you.

Be safe, I love you.

๖ۣۜOʄʄɪᴄɪɑƖ๖ۣۜ Seռsеɪ

I wake up, a puddle of sweat
I have nightmares, and I get back into bed
It's like these voices just keep playing on repeat in the back of my head
And I can’t get them to leave me alone
Thirty-years old but still hates being alone when I'm home
Because that's when the voices get the loudest
Opening up like this is a moment far from my proudest
But these demons keep pressin’ me, I swear they're the foulest
But I've grown comfortable with their presence, my conscious is calloused
My dreams are their playground, my thoughts are their palace
I tried to evict them, they returned with more
Anxiety isn't an item you can return at the store
I was 10 the first time I had a panic attack
Like a punch to the stomach, there's no planning for that
And I didn't tell anyone because I was too scared about what they'd say
And I knew deep down that there was nothing they could do to take it away
It was my fight to fight and my battle to face
I remember that house I grew up in and how those demons would rattle that place
I'd lay awake at night just staring at the ceiling
I’ve spent my whole life trying to run from that feeling
That feeling of being lonely, that feeling of being lost
That feeling of being sick when the lights turn off
That feeling of being depressed, that feeling of being anxious
That feeling of screaming to God begging Him to take this
Only to get silence in return
I’d lay in that bed crying, and I'd toss and I’d turn
And I turn and I toss to this day
The doctors gave me medication, the pastor said pray
I tried both, and this anxiety still hasn't gone away
So forgive me if I fantasize about being gone today
I'm an actor who got really good at being on today
But when I turn off, I go right back into the shadows
I'm in the deep-end now, but I started in the shallows
And I might just drown myself in these waves
Suburbian hell, these homes are all graves
Everyone’s coping with something but won't admit it, they're all too afraid
And these kids are glued to watching me, what do I say?
If I'm honest with them, maybe they won't think highly of me
Everything they want me to be is what I'm dying to be
But everything I really am is what I'm not trying to be
I want them to know that they're not alone in their struggles
I wake up in tears and fall back asleep in those puddles
And I don't ever think I'll get out of this valley I'm in
Terrified that all along God has tallied my sins
And if He has, the number must be astronomic
My life is a joke, and you keep reading, just pass the comic
Because everything you think that I am is far from the truth
I wish I could open up to you and just let loose
But my vocal cords get tight when the Devil pulls on this n

Mushroom Gacha

Your skin isn’t paper don’t cut it
Your face isn’t a mask don’t cover it
Your body Isn’t a book don’t judge it
Your life isn’t a movie so don’t end it
Your heart isn’t a door so don’t lock it

When you are you nothing can change
You are needed in this world

Saajid Alee

Dear reader,
I don' t know you and you don't know me. Probably
we are not even living in the same country. We
Look different. We speak different languages.
Maybe we are from entirely different generations.
We are just complete strangers.
But there is something that comnects us. We both
have great taste in music
Thank you for being here. God bless you, whoever
you are.

All comments from YouTube:

Ana Mae Balaba

if your still hearing this song in 2020 your a a legend

Uyên Lê Phương

Still here ......................................... 2021

ItsMj 987


Arristerod Mandanas

March 2021. ♥️





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zion Daymond

the saddest part of life is when the person who gives you the best memories becomes a memory


@Fizzy S your heart must've been shattered but then sewed back together

marija 321

truh :(

Mr Meat Balls

U copy this comment

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