Street Lights
What Life Is Lyrics

Three A.M. It's A Tall Knight, I Want To Do Everything I Want To Do It Right, And I Know, I've Chosen Routes That I Blew, I've Chosen Routes Just For You, Destroy Myself For You, Forgetting Was Never Hard To Do, I've Chosen Routes Just For You, Forgetting Was Never So Hard To Do, And I Know, Everything You Ever Felt, Felt Inside Is Eaten Alive, And I Know

Contributed by Zachary F. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Variety Vlogs

This song is pretty good for just chilling and cruising on the beautiful scenery that EA provided us in this game at day time, ANYBODY AGREE?

Ahnaf Araf

200% True

Даниил Иванов

Absolutly Bro !


@KRUZ3R Good point. I stand corrected.


@SlammedZero it's Ghost Games not EA !


I always turn off all the other sounds just to listen the song and drive around

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iced_ treaty

This is my favorite song in the day but at night is Noma pay day

Rich Thomas

Absolutely agree!!

XG Official

@IamSincz opinions exist. No such thing as bad taste or good taste


IamSincz no u

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