Wheatus Lyrics

You, you think yer such a bad ass;
You think yer such a rough neck;
Well I saw you outside eating truffles with yer mom on the patio;
I think it's really sad though;
And tell yer girl ta quit buggin' me;
'Cause I saw her outside suckin' dick
In the bathroom of the bus of the Iron Maiden cover band;

When your pencil neck breaks, when your bird chest caves in
I'm gonna win
When your pencil neck breaks, when your bird chest caves in
I'm gonna win

Me, I'm just another gringo,
A bitter jalepeno;
But I gets more montequilla
In a week than your bitch ass gets in a lifetime;
You're steppin' on a land mine;
Your gonna shoot yer eye out;
I'm thinkin' what in the Sam Ham Hill
Is goin' on wit yer moms in the clogs and the skirt,
Wouldn't fuck'er for my country with a flag on her face and a stolen dick.


You, you think yer still a bad ass,
You think your still a rough neck;
Well let's take this outside

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Comments from YouTube:

BASED Souljah

I've heard the best description of Wheatus : "The most New York attitude Nerd rock imaginable"


listened to this cd on loop in my car for like 2 months in high school....will never forget the words. lol

Aerial L

Same lmao

Aerial L

I dunno if my husband was turned on or horrified that I still know every word to this.

Pigheaded Mentalcase

You think youre such a badass, but i saw you eating truffles with your moms on the patio :D


Wow haven't heard this for about 15 years!

Jessica Head

Cant wait to see these guys at my local pub sunday :P


philosopher stone truffles?


i want some sticks and alcohol! ;)

Alex Lewis

This needs to be longer:(

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