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When Knives Go Skyward Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Expedition' by these artists:

Aquaria Now comes the expedition They'll find mysteries no one else …
Epiclore PART I: Prologue Legion sleep, the night has fallen Every d…
Kamelot Freedom fires burning Mighty kingdoms shall rise Crystal s…
Malpractice Years of preparations And finally we're here To begin our ex…
Tengger Cavalry Plain is assailed with wind; ridge is filled with snow Ancie…

We have lyrics for these tracks by When Knives Go Skyward:

She Used Her Wings to Drown Wake up to drown And feast your eyes on the back…

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Comments from YouTube:

Andrew Baena

Wow this is insane, can't believe I never knew about this band before today

Prod. P$YR€N

Josh Travis on the strings and Chad Kapper on the mic is such a destructive combo 🔥🔥🔥


@Paperino and check out Nashville Suicide Mission, most of GDR came from that band


Yep! I believe this is pre-tony danza for Josh travis

Jasiek Dabrowski

Since I've always dreamt of Joshua and Chad being in one band it is funny to realise this band has existed for so long and I didn't have the slightest idea about it until 2020


@Paperino damn really? That's amazing. Josh doing anything other than Emmure is a win

Jasiek Dabrowski

@Paperino niiiiice thanks for info man I'll be waiting for it

Prod. P$YR€N

Fucking same, dude. Big Tony Danza and Frontierer fan, I felt the same way, just to find out I already missed it lmao


Oh how I’ve missed this album

Tim Kirsten

This is so heavy and amazing

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