The Long Walk
Whippersnapper Lyrics

This strength is This will is These are the only things I own. Inspiration is still waiting Waiting for most of us to learn that revolution is from the inside out. That revolution is from the inside out There's a strength in survival say yourself this soft recital. The words are forming, but the words are nothing if they don't have meaning I see you nodding, do you stand for something or were you just talking? Let's count our losses with a one, two, three, four, five?six? seven?, eight ? Feels like we're losing, but we've just begun so we might be winning We've just begun so we might be winning. That revolution is from the inside out Lets start today from the inside out.

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Tony Catalano

1. A New Chapter 0:00 - 2:44
2. The Long Walk 2:45 - 5:19
3. Equations 5:20 - 8:22
4. Sleeping Cure 8:23 - 11:20
5. Blinded 11:21 - 13:22
6. Steady the Walls 13:23 - 16:50
7. An Open Invitation 16:51 - 20:06
8. Clothes Horse 20:07 - 23:07
9. Shamefaced 23:08 - 26:10
10. The Day After Tomorrow 26:10 - 28:51
11. Simple Words 28:52 - 32:13
12. Life Will Go On 32:13 - 35:15

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Most underrated punk band. This album is a masterpiece.

Eric Appell

Co-signed from 2021.

James Redd

Seriously, two of the greatest albums ever recorded: this one and America's Favorite Past-time. Love these guys.

Eric Wade

@purinahalloffame You can blame 100% of that on the dude from Less Than Jake. I believe it was his first attempt at mixing/mastering and he made it weird.


Dug that album too but holy crap was the production weird


Appearances Wear Thin was the shizznat too!


No band will ever make a better album. Love the piano tone on the bass


i used to play along to shamefaced on my guitar after school. this is such a throwback ^_^

Eric Appell

13:23 - That bass tone made me want to become a sound engineer.


I still have the cd.. one of lobster's best

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