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tasty taiwan toad
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Gimhani Kuruppu

Some of the things Andrew zimmern taught us through bizarre foods:

1. Make use of every part of the animal in cooking
2. The art of foraging
3. Sustainable agriculture
4. Sustainable farming
5. Cheap, nutritious, often underrated food, that can be found in your backyard
6. Sustainable harvesting of materials
7. Alternative food sources
8. Dying food traditions and cultures, some of which being actually good for you

And many more....

Year 2021: travel channel goes all the way to ghost hunting

Axel Foley

I'm Indian, and the same goes for many Indian restaurants, lol.

It is what it is, I get it. Easy to mass produce certain dishes to make money, because you have to. The restaurant business is probably the most volatile of any small business.

Zimmerman is totally right. It's funny how angry people get over the truth.

He's not insulting Chinese cuisine or Chinese people, but the Americanized version of the food.

However, I understand why it is that way. Not everyone wants authentic ethnic foods. And when they do, they may not dine regularly. Restaurants need a steady stream of customers for revenue or else they tank, quickly. Plus, good quality and authentic food takes time, experienced chefs, and the best ingredients.

It's all about location.

That's why the better alternative is to make friends with people whose parents are foreigners, lol. BEST food is home cooked, no matter what cuisine you're into.

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Big Dawg

Andrew Zimmern, Samantha Brown, and Anthony Bourdain were why I loved the Travel Channel. Haven't watched it in years, since they started bringing all that ghost hunter garbage.

John Scanlon

Agreed !


Right on!!

Terry Hillick

Travel Channel doesn't show travel shows, History Channel doesn't show history shows.

Laney Lane

I say the exact thing all the time. They ruined the channel.

Marijke Schellenbach

I totally agree with this!!!

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Andrew Zimmern and Bizarre Foods was such an entertaining show. We all loved it in our house. It was very educational too. We miss it.

Dirt Gee

Me too they even erased all the episodes 😢 which really sucks i knew i shouldve
Downloaded them

Kevin Baker

Frankly, I quit watching the travel channel when they changed their programming focus. The name is the travel channel, not the ghost channel. When I tuned to the travel channel I wanted to see programs with Andrew Simmering or Anthony Bourdain trying cuisines around the world. I wanted to see travel information to places I would like to visit, not haunted houses I would rather avoid.


@BnaBreaker Is the same we spanish speaker say,they change in amby channels the programs.

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