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who ate david?
Who Ate David? Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Carolina Vo

Thank you for sharing. It’s hard to find videos of Sifu, and this captures his personality perfectly. He was devoted to his art and teachings, but was such a joyful presence. I’ll truly miss his laugh.


Hahaha I know right? We were all very blessed to be taught by him.

Craig Cooper

Its been 10 years or more and Im still practicing Hop Gar Its good to see Chris again thanks for the post!


Keep training man and yeah, my sihing is a beast

marilyn cooper

This is at Wen Wu, maybe after YC passed.


Yes, this was in recent years

Viper Man

In this video David Chin is trying to show something to the class regarding push hands. The other man which looks about 15 years younger does not look like he wants to learn. He is trying to complete and spar with Chin. I do not know either of them by the way. Just very disrespectful to do to a teacher especially when the teacher is just trying to teach.


I have read in the classics that both folded arms and hands in pockets are strictly forbidden.
I was fortunate to learn Tai-Chi, as well as some Hsing-I, and Pa-Kua from Prof. TR Chung during the 1970's.

Lg V30

You are right. Guy on the left doesn't understand what is going on and is going to take up everyones time trying to explain what he thinks he is doing. I know people who have being playing Taiji for over 20 years and have good teachers, and they still have no idea what is going on.


Yeah...but everyone is different. I'm just happy I had a sifu as humble as him. Thank you for the observation.

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