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who ate david?
Who Ate David? Lyrics

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khalil The Enlightenment Bomb T.I. Aliy The poet

The irony : You may not have realised yet, what you stated? Hopefully you are young enough to live long enough to do the necessary Research?
........ Actually, it really is humans who are the Robots (Biological)

Investigative starting points for all concerned: Study:

Zachary Sitchin : Author/Researcher

Anunarky Gods : Brothers Enki & Enlil

Cuneiform : Ancient inscriptions.

IGi-Gi : Homo - erectus, native to zone of Egypt

King list: Records of Extraterrestrial -

Niburu : Planet of the Anunarky

Globekli Tepi: '15,000' Yr old
metholithic structure,
ruins in ancient
*'Mesopatamia*' -
Siddon region.

Graham Hancock: Author/researcher

Human dna: = 2 less double helix
strands than primates ;
One extra long double helix strand - was found to be binded at each end to create a DNA loop: Benefits is increased wider range of intelligence

Homo erectus: 2 Additional double helix strands; which are unbinded at the end!

Compare Human DNA to Primate: Only separation is the two extra unbinded double helix strands:
When binded together increased intelligence is created.

Research capacity of 1 DNA cell : Represents greater than all the data in the world.

Eric Von Daniken : Researcher of antiquity / Author of many books.

Kuiper Belt : Asteroid Debris of the head on collision with broken planet pluto ๐Ÿชand Giant Niburu.

Oorb Cloud : ๐ŸŒŒPlanet debris of an ancient collision with mystery planet Niburu ๐Ÿ’ฃ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐ŸŒ๐ŸŒ๐Ÿ’ซ๐Ÿ•ณ๏ธ๐Ÿ˜

Solar winds : The catalysts, hazards
and the affects.

Super conductors : Generators.

Monoliths: Precision and accuracy
of 100,000 ton pure
granite blocks, cut out of
caves, no sign of joints or fusion

Giant Monolithic blocks: weighing from 10,000 tons to 100,000 tons 1/3 of an inch to 3/4 of an inch slope differences on the surface:
Which only modern machines can attempt to compete with the scale & accuracy when cutting giant 100,000 ton blocks from pure granite caves as one solid unit!

Nephilim: 'Hybrid - Offsprings' ; Beings procreated by the Anunarky and evolved new Humanoids called the 'Homo sapiens'

Carnivorest beasts: ๐ŸŠ Crocodiles, Cayanne/Alligator/Apex predators ;
Unclear at present if these crude creatures are the direct offspring of the nephilim etc or are these creatures a hybrid Offsprings of the Nephilim and wilderbeast procreation? (Type 1 Offsprings/Beast)

Type 1. Offsprings/Beast : Procreate
with Crocodiles/Alligators and Cayennes to produce Type 1. Dinosaurs.

Type 1. Dynasaurs : Are the later offspring descendants of the Nephilim procreations.

All today's carnivorous beast are most likely a descendant of the destruct and diverse hybrid's wild mating habits.
These animal rituals of if it moves...? (Regards Organisms) Catch it, Tame it, Mate with it and finally devour it.
This is my theory to how life was for the epoch of full hybridisation.
These is poignantly echoed in the chapters of the old testament : 'Book of Enoch : Which was not canonical with standard bible verses, as it was too horrific for priest and bishops to acquaint with the authority of God. Despite all this the hierarchy of the Catholic and Christian churches were just as sinful with their practices and behaviours to the existence of the almighty God! ๐Ÿค”

Everything which separated the mamals chains of normality and autonomy within each phologeny was forever broken by the spell of "Emotionally - bad - tempered - hell - raising - carnivorous - beast"*
Who would not abide by the autonomy of the earth ๐ŸŒ.

These habits were never taught or nurtured by parent, as all the offsprings were without nurturing and true identity, unlike regular wild beast, who abide by the rules of their clangs.

from the offsprings of the Nephilim and carnivorous wilderbeast clangs


Greetings! ๐Ÿ‘‹ ๐Ÿ˜‡

I'm new to this channel, but if this episode is indicative of the quality of content and guests, then I am excited to view more! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿค“

With that said, my journey has inspired me to reconsider how we interpret our letter and number symbols and these findings have led to many revelations.

As it pertains to this video, here are some of my interpretations of the words and names mentioned:

Pandora = perceive | not normalized | dimension fully reflect | not

~ To me, this word seems to speak of a time when the material plane is no longer reflecting the mental. Perhaps, this is alluding to a fully automated and unconscious reality.

Box = being fully crossed

~To me, this word suggests that one's connection to consciousness has been severed.

(๐Ÿ‘† I can't help but be reminded of Alice in Chains song "Man in the Box".)

Jar = journey not reflect

~ Again, seems to suggest a lack of connection with consciousness


Talos = vessel or game unconscious full vibration

~ Seems to, once again, speak of a time when the influence of the unconscious is in full effect

Medea = mental energy | dimension power

~ To me, this word tells of the power to use our minds to change the dimensional reality

Hephaestus = heighten (sol/mind) energy | perceive heighten (sol/mind) power vibrational vessel or game | collective vibration

~ To me, this name seems to encompass the mechanism of mental becoming material via the cycling of the figure-8


Technology = vessel or game energy see heighten (sol/mind) | normalize | full consciousness full great (spirit) | choice or decision

~ To me, this word speaks of our choice to fully normalize our consciousness...i.e. lose our individual connection to source...which is maintain via spirit

Machine = mental | not see heighten (sol/mind) incarnate normalized energy

~ To me, this simply implies something that has no sol

Robot = reflect full | being full vessel or game

~ To me, this word suggests that said object was not the product of mental energy, but of the material plane only. See "machine".


Once we come to innerstand the true nature of our reality (see Corpus Hermeticum, Kybalion, Emerald Tablet, etc.), we might then have the lens to perceive the allegory left to us in our myths and legends. โœจ๐Ÿ—๏ธโœจ


Oh, one more regards to the word "hope"...

Hope = heighten (sol/mind) fully perceive energy

~ This word is pretty straightforward...when we come to recognize the energetic aspects of ourselves and our reality, we might then recalibrate our state of being to produce a more optimal experience for all.

Blind = being consciousness incarnate normalize dimension

~ To me, this word suggests that one who has conformed to the norms of the physical world no longer has the sight to perceive "truth".


To me, hope is a great thing... blind hope is not. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜‡

Greg Byrne

Einstein did say when our interactions pass through a digital matrix we are doomed.

CO2/Carbon plus H2O/Water captures the EM energy of the Sun/Son-Galaxy/father and creates life.
Earth is a closed loop that self regulates CO2 with life by combing CO2with H2O to capture the EM of the double toroidal fields we call the Sun and or galactic nucleus.

Cause and effect. Temperature rises first and CO2 follows as the Arctic thaws due to crossing the galactic plane and increased DIRECT sunlight at the higher latitudes poles. The Arctic is nothing but frozen CO2.

Precession causes our climate cycles of Continental glaciers with lower sea levels brought on by East to West Global Tsunami's when we cross the galaxies Electromagnetic/Gravitational plane/Equator for the next Millenia.

The Galactic Milankovitch cycles cause our climate cycles. Eccentricity galactic bulge rotates every 240,000 years. Obliquity/Magnetic north changes according to the galactic bulge with Aphelion occurring once every 120,000 years or 24.5 degrees magnetic north inclination putting us in the tropical age. When magnetic north will be at 21.5 degrees inclination we will be in the ice age.

Covid1984 like CO2 is a comfortable lie built upon the inconvenient truth that the Baby Boomers who were born en mass 75 years ago are starting to die en mass from the usual suspects of seasonal Flu/Pneumonia and old age. The MASK of he Beast is a pretext for the FINAL SOLUTION vaccine.

Jesus loved all races because there is only one race, The HUMAN RACE with only one minority the INDIVIDUAL HUMAN.

Christoph Mahler

@Boo Cat
"Medea was (...)"

Oh, I know.
But as today, 'witches' don't study engineering, repair household maintenance or code .

The few individuals that do any these things simply pass as men .

Therefore it is noteworthy that Greek tradition put's someone who revels in astrology and rituals in confrontation with 'techne' (craft) and 'automatons'.

The Greeks knew women (e.g. Euripides' 'Medea', Sophocles' plays and Aristophanes' 'Women at the Thesmophoria') - and their nature hasn't changed at all - so it's worth noting this detail - as if the Greeks knew something about technology that we 'enlightened' people are indoctrinated to ignore...

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

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Smile Awhile

Not only did I enjoy this lecture, I had to look up more lectures by this professor, Adrienne Mayor.
Wish I could take a course from her.
She's awesome!
Thank you for posting this and sharing

Renee Souder

I kept waiting for them to bring up an even older, sumerian story, when robots were made to go in and rescue a beloved woman, where humans or gods could not go in with out great harm or death. It's a fairly new story to me, and I can't remember if it was Enki or someone right after him that did this. But it's very real story, and extremely interesting.

Casey Ray Harris. Esquire

. Many problems can be solved. 1920s we had all of evolution and had just reached 2 billion ppl. 100 yrs later we're near 8 bill, factories were forced to stop short of 100 percent automation because the works force would disappear. What happens when another billion people are born? How about we work on the problem before it starts. A job market disappearing is no excuse to disregard the trajectory of the world. Fear & not trusting anyone which funnels our budget to killing solutions. In Europe they made a 100% automated greenhouse using A.I., robotics, hydroponics, 3D laser scanning. From germination to market bound truck without touching a human hand. Using exact water & nutrition. Eliminating the need to run the sprinklers across the country, depleting our water table. Heat rising resulting in less evaporation & thus less rain. More forest fires. pollution runoff in rivers which render fish inedible, ruining ecosystems, pollution from tractors & the production of tractors, eliminating the fule, oil, hydrolic fluid, & modified seeds to ensure the need to return for more seeds. Removing the trait evolved to survive winter & regrow. Semis riding along side combines to empty their hopper. For a month straight. (not tapping the water table across America,equivalent to leaving the hose on across a continent.) Precise nutrition(contained hydrophobicly with 0% chance of rain washing out(runoff)anhydrous&harmful chems into our rivers). Devastating ecosystems. Returning land to nature. Building skyscrapers with automated hydrophobic greenhouse food picked(w/o ripping roots out, eliminating the predatory practice of seeds with a modification to not grow back as it originally evolved to do. Maybe if they didn't need to buy more seeds they'd still have the family farm.. so it is roboticly picked with 3d lasers & loads the self driving semi so when it is shelved at a market, it couldn't be more ripe thanks to the same level a.i. your voice to text has on any phone. Petroleum industries wouldn't look forward to combines running for a month straight with a semI there to empty the full hopper into a grain trailer which is either transported to a elevator who buys or self stored because harvest season is the same for everyone so they can pay less when everyone is rolling through. Fule, motor oil, transmission&hydraulic fluids, AC juice the Hoover damn down by 100000 all pretty recent. Low water tables, droughts, forest fires from lack of evaporation
Check it out. 365 food being produced, giving the land back to nature.

Shawn Nardi

I agree they did rescue her but she wasn't just a her she was related to the first for dogs of existence or consciousness she made realms so her molecular structure could evolve and change to what ever protected her existence she was the the key they could never have and never will they don't even understand her language so they can't even call on her because of it

Rick A

@Cat Everett Zachariah Sitchin's 12th Planet

Cat Everett

I'd absolutely love to know more about this story if anyone has a link to a reputable online source. ๐Ÿ™Œ This is right up my alley in meta form, because it's combining both Sumerian mythology and robots or automatons :v

khalil The Enlightenment Bomb T.I. Aliy The poet

@Tessa Bissette
There is a lot of information to give and one can accidentally become over loaded with information early on.
Time and preparation : Also, without the course of contemplation and connections: Which is the best method to understanding a great deal of the secrets of the past..

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Ricardo Petrazzi

This was really interesting and enjoyable to watch and listen to. Adrienne Mayor is a good speaker and very knowledgeable.

Prince Solomon

But she really stretches the meaning of words like robots, cyborgs, automatons and hacking and applies them carelessly to anything that fits her agenda, even though it doesn't fit whatever she's talking about, e.g.: the bronze bull torture device, it was nothing more than a metal container in the shape of a bull...and she mentions it when talking about automatons, animated statues and machines... wrong, it was a container...
Oh yeah, the actual existence of this torture device is also questioned and most likely there has never been a brazen bull of any sort according to Academia.

Gillian Mason

I too enjoyed Adrienne Mayor's presentation I hope I can purchase her book before Christmas.

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