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who ate david?
Who Ate David? Lyrics

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if he was ever kidnapped he'd still be able to talk and scream

pjatek milinkovic

@Leah Marie gag

Peter Rodby

The kidnappers would return him hope and apologize.

Korange _YT

who would wanna kidnap this guy


@Blake K damn, and only for 7 dollars? That’s amazing

Blake K

@Paper I was surprised how cheap it was LOL AND IT WAS the 80 yard roll or something total deal if you need duct tape

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Holding his breath while underwater must be a real struggle

What ?

@o I love how you're trying to be funny pretending not to know what a book is for comedic affect, however you didn't end the question with a question mark, there's too many spaces between 'what' and 'is'. You've made two mistakes and only wrote three words and top it off you've edited your comment which means that wasn't your first go. 🤣


You realize you can hold Your breath with your mouth open right?

GIGACHAD Final form

@o  you can find books at libraries they are like the these thing that store along of information in it

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