Wild Strawberries Lyrics

The first thing I remember you were walking away
You were singing something gentle in the fade
The next thing I remember I nearly pushed you off the stage
I pretended not to be afraid

I played the fool
I played the drowning man
I will play your heroine
I know the rules
You wrote them on my veins
I will play your heroine

I'm calling from the border of another nameless state
I am sitting on the steps of our mistake
I will bring you postcards of everything that's gray
I will draw your smile on my slate

I said I loved you
I said I needed you but baby I was wrong
Well that was Sunday
And now it's Wednesday and I'm feeling strong

Memory's a lover trying to tell you that she's late
Memory's a silent second take
She will drink the poison if you put it in your cup
She will touch your eyes and never stop

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Comments from YouTube:

Wild Strawberries

Thanks Kolin! No shows planned as of yet...but we are getting closer to returning to the stage as our kids are growing up...they've been playing on our recent recordings so who knows...maybe they'll perform with us live? A virtual show is a possibility as we're all in the same building.


there is so much i want to say about the bittersweet beauty of this song, and how it was there to lift me from tragedy, saw my rise, and consoled me when i lost it all again. And, now, it is still here, and so am i, i suppose. Thank You don't seem to be enough, but i hope it'll do for now, until i can find all that i have lost, and offer a worthier tribute. may you guys keep making music. thank you. thank you.

Kolin Hibbert

This is another example of beautiful and terribly overlooked songwriting and performing.
I sincerely hope there are some Edmonton shows for you at some point in the future. Or, considering the way we're all locked down at the moment, ANY shows in the future.
You guys have always been amazing in my books.

Garth Quapp

I remember when this song had a big impact in my life. Sadly over 20 years have past until I was reminded of this song. What a beautiful voice.

Wild Strawberries

Thanks so much! Happy to hear that our music has been helpful. Wishing you the very best.

Robert Schweitzer

someone just posted this to my feed and I was thinking back to when all of us at Rockway were voting for you in the homegrown competition. :-)

Randy McDonald

What a beautiful song this is.

Randy McDonald

@Wild Strawberries of course!

Wild Strawberries

Thanks Randy! Should we include it in our 2020/2021 IT BEARS REPEATING project?

rosie Molina

Great song!!!
Liked it since the first time I heard it back in '95.

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