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Brooklyn Breezes
by Will Downing

Verse 1
Stepping Deep Into The Night, From The Promenade We See Big City Lights
Watch The River That Flows, No Matter Where You Go
You Feel The Brooklyn Breezes Flow In The Night

Verse 2
Let’s Go Strolling Through The Park, Go Downtown And Eat At Our Favorite Restaurant
Hear The Sweet Music That Plays, Our Bodies Bend And Sway
As The Brooklyn Breezes Flow In The Night

I Like It (12x)

Verse 3
In London Town They Treat Me Fine, But Nothing Can Replace What’s In This Heart Of Mine
Now Milan has style, And I Might Stay There For A While
But I Feel Those Breezes, Brooklyn Breezes, Brooklyn Breezes Flow In My Mind (Baby)

And I Tried (4x) To Get Away

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