Will Downing Lyrics

She's every word on the page and poems of love
The greatest story I'll ever read
She means the world to me, she

She's every flower in the spring, color of leaves in the fall
And every bird with a song to sing
Look at what God can bring, she

She is the light that will shine on my darkest days
The air around me that I breathe

If she ever needs, I will be there
No matter where on this earth, I'll go
'Cause she's like the wind that blows free

She is the light that'll shine on my darkest days
The air around me that I breathe

She is the rain from the sky, the rivers that flow
To every ocean, to every sea
There is but one for me

She quenches the thirst in me, yeah
She, she, yeah, she, she, she
She is the light, she is my life
She means the world to me

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Written by: GLEN DANZIG

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'A Dream Fulfilled' may have been the best male R&B/Soul album released that year (1991). 10 all-killer/NO FILLER tracks with quality backing from well-seasoned studio pros who still knew their damn way around an instrument before computers wound up cutting into much of their livelihoods. Really should've made Downing a full-blown star at that point in time because it marked precisely the direction his music was going to take from that moment on. Unfortunately for him back then, New Jack Swing and especially Hip-Hop kept him strictly tied to the "grown folks" side of the music-buying populace...or FORTUNATELY for him, in retrospect (lol). Kind of project a young Lalah Hathaway should've been steered more towards to make far better use of her inherited vocal gifts from her late, great father Donny. Man, I'm just glad it got reissued on CD several years back because I still find it to be THE definitive Will Downing experience.

Diva Me

I totally agree. I still have my cassette ❀ this will always be my number 1

lord eldauoud

" I" " Agree" " With " " All " " The " " Excellent " " Comments" " Concerning " " This" " CD " "!!!!!!!"πŸ‘ŒπŸΎπŸ‘ŠπŸΎβœŠπŸΏπŸ™πŸΎπŸŒ¬

Aldo jr

Look at what God can bring, she

Brutha Dnubian



No argument from me there. Might even be his most important one to date because he was taking a huge gamble sacrificing potentially huge commercial success for the sake of pursuing his own artistic vision back then. Good thing for him and the rest of us fans/followers that it FINALLY paid off long-term! He's pretty much outlasted most of his peers since he first came on the scene near the tail end of the 80's by largely doing it his way, THAT to me is the true sign of success in that particular field.

R Lomx

Beginning at 1:38... OMG.. Incredible musicianship and creativity.. true feeling of being at a LIVE Jazz session.

The Artful Force

I've loved this album every since I was a teen.

Gregory Patterson

Brooklyn's Finest!!!

Rain Clouds

The air around me that I breathe....sang it Will !!!!!!

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